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Note: Here is a definition from Texas Photo Forum. "Photos documenting different events such as protests, press conferences and any other editorial topic." On a personal note, I do not know if people just don't get this...or they are too lazy to do this, but after several years of doing this assignment, even into the 2 and 3rd 6 weeks, we have challenges with people getting the EVENT nature of the Current Event. Bottom line? Shoot like a dad gum press photographer. Shoot to tell a story with your picture. Also, about the cropping. YOU should crop it correctly at the Kiosk. If it is not cropped correctly, you can take the picture back, and have it reprinted for free. If it is worth doing, it is worth doing well.


Here is an event I covered all day, from the first moment of arriving on campus to the celebration after the game: The Tale of the Two Tigers 2007



Remember...CE is OF people doing SOMETHING. It is NOT people posing. It should be something you would see on the front page of the newspaper. This is your JOURNALISM component for the year. Take it serious...get out and shoot. Have some fun. Go to some events you wouldn't ordinarily go to.





Beaumont Camera Club Monthly Competition, March '07 Themed Topic was "Journalism". Current students help me pick what photos to enter. Well, my photo titled "Yuk" didn't place. :(   Check out the composite image I made of all three of the images (see below). But I did get 1st in the Digitally Projected Category (the two girls below) and 1st and 2nd in the Print Category.



1st (Digitally Projected Category)


Did not place (Digitally Projected Category)


Did not place (Digitally Projected Category)


1st place! Thanks Hector!! (Print Category)


2nd Place (Print Category)


Did not place (Print Category)...probably because they had already judge the previous category where a similar image place 1st.



[Please RE-READ the details regarding what constitutes a CE. READ: "i.e. PEOPLE doing things". Not dogs. Not stop signs. Not statues. Unless, the dog is jumping up to get a cat on the stop sign! That could be a Current Event. Or better yet, a person THROWING a Frisbee for a dog to catch in mid air. Now THAT would be exciting...and a CE!]


NOLA Wedding






The following was done to the mother of a bride while I was photographing their bridal pictures at Tyrell Park. The mom had taken off her 25th anniversary wedding ring as well as 3 other rings and had left behind countless other things in her purse. And some spineless, heartless person ripped it out of their car. We must all do our part by being the best that we serve as role models for others. We must all do our part to be good citizens. To not accept unacceptable behaviors of others, to stay away from drugs and alcohol, and to do whatever you can to be successful in life in society and as a person. And, let this be a warning that during tough times, people resorting to drastic measure is on the increase.




Tennis - A local event. I shot 1,000 area  few.



U2 was pretty cool last night (October 14 2009):



Photos by D. Loker (unfortunately, only with a P&S...and 3rd section up)


* Some students asked who U2 is (see pictures above), so I showed a special video from the concert last week while working on your focus. U2 has been around since 1976 with their first really big album in 1987. They are not a religious band per se, but have been a positive, spiritual group with many references to God and other religious references. They have been instrumental in recent years in raising money for needy people such as AIDs and world wide poverty, including projects like "One" and (Red).