Occasionally I hear a few complaints...first and second year students. Things like, "I don't have time to shoot" or "We work more in this class than any of my other classes".

First of all, about a lack of time to shoot, etc. Your just whining and it is very frustrating to hear. We all have too much to do. Welcome to the 21st century, where the motto is "you must do the most productive thing possible at any given moment." Multitasking to the point that you have people relying on text messaging while driving just to meet their busy schedule. Most of you all text message because it is fun...and you like to chit chat. Well, just get used to it, because it's just getting started.  This is not just about photography. It's not going to get easier. You will be expected to be MORE productive and manage an even more hectic schedule. And I am the LAST person to empathize with you regarding having to work after school. I have NO Less than 4 jobs that I have to tend to on a weekly basis and that is on top of having some sort of social life. And that is on top of spending no less than 60 hours per week working at school or school related stuff. And I still manage time to be actively involved in several "extra-curricular" actives as well as shoot for fun on a regular basis.

Second, about that we do more in here than your core or any other class. Boloney. Granted, we do work from bell to bell...but that is really it. We really don't do that much. In fact, we do less than we did 10 years ago. This is in part due to the complexity of the computer. But what can I say...well, you already know what I am going to say, "If it was would be cheesy". Part of the problem is that we try to stay as a class. And, with there being such a mixture of levels, things move MOLASSES slow if you ask me. But it is not just my class. I have sat in computer classes most of my life...amazed at how slow they go as there is always one or two people per class that just don't get it...even if you sit there and run their mouse for them. Welcome to public education.

So, dry it up already!!! Bottom line? If this class is too much...pick another class for the 2nd semester where you don't do basket weaving or some other ridiculous class where they don't do anything. If you don't like how slow we out. You see when people are struggling trying to keep up. Help them.

Besides, most of the challenges in this class come from the fact that people can't listen to save their life. Nothing boggles my mind more when I given both a verbal and written instruction, and very few people get it. So, LISTEN UP!