Comm II+ Intro for Future Student


Note: Are you already signed up or thinking about signing up for Comm II? If so, excellent. Please do touch base with me to make sure that you are eligible for signing up. Satisfactory completion of Comm I or II and my approval is necessary to sign up. It is recommended that you take Comm II immediately after your first year, however, if it isn't possible, have no fear, you are welcome and encouraged to return later as Comm II/III is really were the fun begins. On the other hand, it is recommended to take Comm II as a 11th or 12th grader. So, if you have taken Comm I as a 9th grader, you may want to consider waiting a year due various resources needed, namely, adequate transportation.


Updated Note: There are frequently more signed up than can take the class. Due to special resources and other factors, we have room for no more than 20-24 students. But, ideally, the number is closer to 16. Please consider if it would be more prudent to wait a year, especially if you are a 9th grader. Previousl, there have been over 35 students who had expressed an interest in Comm II. While I am flattered that so many would want to spend another year with me, quite frankly, I rarely see as much enthusiasm as I would have like to see from those in the first year. But, that is what Photo 2+ is all about! We lose the fluff, and push hard! As a result, it may be necessary to ask several students to pick another elective to make sure I have room for those who have excelled and demonstrated a sincere interest in photography. Considerations are if you have entered optional contests, turned in all assignments on time, etc.


Ok, so having said all that...welcome, in advance, to Communication Graphics II+…where we get to find out if you are a PhotoStar or a PhotoDud.


I hope everybody is looking forward to a great summer and all of the wonderful photo opportunities that abound during our summer adventures. Each summer I usually take several thousand pictures. One summer, I managed to go on several trips including a cruise, New Braunfels, New Orleans, etc. It was a great, LONG summer shooting over 3,000 photos (not counting weddings). Not sure if I am going to be able to top that this summer…but looking forward to it all the same.

Summer Shooting Assignment

Shoot lots of pictures this summer, but most importantly you will need to be shooting for the Texas Rice Festival. The contest deadline of 5 mounted pictures is in the first few weeks of school. So, I will expect to see Web Galleries the week BEFORE Running Start.  This is a bit of a elimination process. If you don't shoot for the this over the summer, you will be expected to pick another class during Running Start, period! Pictures for next year MUST come from Memorial Weekend or later...IOW...the summer.


The TRF has five (5) specific topics, so please be sure to shoot for each topic over the summer as you will be expected (and required) to enter each division. All entries for this assignment must come from late May 2016 get started now.


These topics include:

PTA Reflections theme has already been announced and should also be shot for over the summer. 2016-17 Theme: "What Is Your Story?". All entries for this assignment must come from late May 2016 get started now.


For the Summer Assignment Check, please create 6 galleries for each of the topics below. Put the year in front of each gallery. Example: 2016 TRF Wildlife, or 2016 Reflections. Returning II+ students, please do NOT delete the prior year TRF or Reflections galleries. This is important to make sure that your Wildlife and your 2014 TRF Wildlife are different galleries. You MAY consolidate your galleries for the prior year TRF. IOW, take the image from the 5 2015 TRF Galleries and move them into ONE gallery. Comm III+ Create a video fro your Reflections Theme. Shoot for this over the summer and plan to edit in the first few weeks of the school year.



Comm II+ Equipment and Supply needs. Please begin working on acquiring the additional resources listed on the supply page:


Also, please review the following pages:



I would also like to recommend that you consider purchasing a Nikon D3300 or similar full size DSLR. If you already have a pretty capable high end camera (like a bridge camera…bigger than a pocket P&S…but no interchangeable lens) you should be in good shape. But, if you are using only a pocket camera, you will really benefit from a larger full size camera. Prices for the D3300 are at an all time low…and this is an extremely capable camera. You could also find a used camera like a Nikon D3100 for $200. I would NOT advise getting a 3000 or D40 or other considerably outdated video. The camera should be capable of video.


No fundraiser is currently planned as a class, so please be prepared for the the cost of the various contests including prints, mount boards and entry fees. As long as you are photography a very high level of proficience, the cost to print should be nominal. And if there is an entry, there is usually prize make your work count!


Finally, please SAVE the date for Nov , 2016 for our Annual Comm II+ Camping Trip to our Farm Lake House. More details about this and other exciting trips in August.


Please email me at as soon as you have read over this. If you have any questions this summer, please let me know. Have a great one!!!


D. Loker