Steps to inserting Clip Art images and Photos:
  1. Find a Clip Art image from the Art Explosion 600,000 images. Note: The AE 600k is a collection from 20+ years of various TYPES of clip art, i.e. Vector vs. Raster, as well as lots of other type of artwork, like photos. You can find examples of what you are looking for in each of the various types. Below are three (3) ways to search for just the right image that you want.
    1. Using the Online Index (PDF) or Online Index (available as HTML). Click on the document, then use Ctrl + F for keyword search...then come back to this page to determine which ClipArt 600,000 disk folder on \\\Public\ClipArt 600k or \\wbphoto\Public\ClipArt 600k that the image might exist.


1.      Vector Images (pages 1-1032) and are located on Disks 1-9.

Disk          Pages

1                5-108         Advertising, Agriculture, Alphabets, Americana

2                109-231     Anatomy, Animals, Antique Style, Architecture & Landmarks, Arrows, Art & Design

3                231-378     Backgrounds, Beauty, Borders, Brush Strokes, Business & Office, Buttons, Calendar, Cartoons, Clothing &

                                                 Accessories, Computers, Construction, Crests & Emblems

4                379-508    Education & Schools, Electrical, Electronics, Energy, Engineering, Entertainment, Fantasy & Medieval, Fitness,

                                                Flags, Food & Drink, Furniture, Gardening, Government, Graphs & Charts.

5                508-629    Hands, Health & Medical, Holidays, Household, Interior, International

6                629-751    Kid's Stuff, Landscapes, Maps, Measurement Systems, Military, Money, Motivational, Music, Occasions,   

                                                Occupations, Oceanography, Outdoor Recreation

7                751-860    People, Plants & Flowers, Police & Fire, Politics & Elections, Public Issues, Real Estate, Religion, Road Signs

8                860-988    Science, Science Fictions, Seasons & Weather, Shapes, Signs, Space, Sports, Stamps, Stars & Starbursts,

                                                Symbols, Technology & Communication, Time, Titles, Tools & Hardware

9                988-1032 Transportation, Travel & Leisure, Trees & Leaves, Western & Rodeo, Zodiac & Astrology

                                        2.      Raster Images (pages 1033-1308) are on Disks 9-12.

Disk          Pages

9                1037-1072     Advertising, Agriculture, Alphabets, Americana, Anatomy, Animals (Part 1 - Aquatic - Insects)

10              1072-1147    Animals (Land, Line Art and Silhouettes), Antique Style, Architecture & landmarks, Arrows, Art & Design,

                                                    Backgrounds, Beauty, Borders, Business, Calendar, Chemistry, Computers, Construction, Crests & Emblems,

                                                    Decorative Caps, Educations, Electronics, Entertainment, Fantasy & Medieval, Fashion

11              1147-1228    Food & Drink, Furniture, Gardens & Gardening, Hands, Health & Medical, Holidays, Household, International,

                                                    Kid's Stuff, Landscapes, Maps, Military, Money, Motivational, Music, Occasions, Occupations, Offbeat,

                                                    Outdoor Recreation (BBQ & Picnics, Beach & Water, Camping & Fishing)

12              1229-1307    Outdoor Recreation (Cycling & Skating, General, Hiking & Climbing, Special Effects), People, Plants & Flowers,

                                                    Police & Fire, Politics & Elections, Public Issues, Real Estate, Religion, Road Signs, Science Fiction, Seasons &

                                                    Weather, Signs & Titles, Space, Sports, Stars & Starbursts, Technology & Communication, Tools & Hardware,

                                                    Transportation, Travel & Leisure, Trees & Leaves, Western & Rodeo, Zodiac

3.      Fine Art   

        Disk        Pages

            13        1309-1320

4.      Classic Images – generally much older clip art, like 1990s                        


        13    Advertising, Agriculture, Alphabets, Americana, Anatomy, Animals, Architecture & Landmarks, Art, Backgrounds

        14    Beauty, Borders, Business & Office, Calendar, Cartoons, Clothing & Accessories, Construction, Crest & Emblems, Education, Entertainment, Fantasy & Medieval, Fitness,

                     Food & Drink, Furniture, Gardening, Hand, Health & Medical, Holidays, Household, International, Kid's Stuff, Landscapes, Military, Money, Motivational, Music,


        15     Occupations, Outdoor Recreation, People, Plants & Flowers, Police & Fire, Public Issues, Real Estate, Religion, Season & Weather, Signs, Sports, Star & Starbursts,

                        Symbols, Technology & Communication, Time, Tools & Hardware, Transportation, Travel & leisure, Trees & Leaves, Western & Rodeo, Zodiac

5.      Traditional Images


          15    Ad Art, American Leaders, Heroes, Politics & Patriots, Americana, Angels & Devils, Animals

          16  Architecture, Army Rank & Insignia, Artifacts, Arts, backgrounds, Benjamin Franklin, Borders and Such, Botanical, Broadsides & Word Frames, Business & Office,

                        Cartoons, Children's Things, Circus & Carnival, Civil War, Civilization, Colonial Times, Construction, Decorative Letters, Designs, Education, Entertainment, Ethnic,   

                        Fantasy & Adventure, Food & Drink, Garden, Hands, Health & Medical, Holidays, Home & Family, Humor, Instrument, Tools, Gadgets, Inventors & Explores, Kid's Stuff,

                        Landscapes, Letters Medieval Times, Menu Art, Military, Miscellaneous, Music, Native American, Occasions, Occupations, People, Photo & optics, Pioneer Times,

                        Printer's Ornaments, Public Issues, Reading & writing, Real Estate, Religion & Spirituality, Renaissance Woodcuts, Revolutionary Times, School Days, Science &


          17    Sports & Recreation, The Fifties, The Old West Transportation, Travel Leisure, Urban & Industrial, Western Civilization, World Leaders, Zodiac & Calendar

6.      Photographs, low resolution  -      Disks 17-23 (NOT good enough for posters)

7.      Backgrounds –                              Disks 23-24, 25 (Hi Res Photo)

8.      Photography, High resolution –    Disks 24-28

9.      Technical Symbols –                     Disk 28

10.  Web Graphics and Animations –  Disks 28-29

b.    Using the actual ClipArt Book. Use the index of the 600k clip art book (the index is in a small bound tablet/book near the actual book) to find an image of what you want.

                                                               i.      Note the file name under the image

                                                             ii.      Look back until you find a section heading. Like on p. 5     ----------------------------------------------------------->

1.      Note: ADVERTISING is the main folder, Sales & Promos is a subfolder in which you will find the file name.

                                                            iii.      Look back to find the disk number, which is Disk 1.

                                                           iv.      Navigate to \\\Public\ClipArt 600k and then go to the clip art folder and find the correct Disk & Folder.

                                                             v.      Find your file…and Click, Drag & Drop to MS Word, or to Photoshop or “Open with…” the program of your choice.

1.      Either bring the document window into view and drag the image over to it

2.      Or, drag the image file to the task bar and hover over the OPEN document until it comes forward, and then drag the image over to your document.

c.  Just browsing around...either the clip art OR photos. Use the built-in Windows Explorer Browser and Windows Picture and Fax Viewer to browse through the images (see 1biv. above for the location). (You can also use the Windows + F key to Keyword Search the ClipArt if you have mapped the Public Drive in the 2nd semester).

                                                               i.      Remember, there are several TYPES of images with similar categories. For example, Holiday Images exist in Vector, Raster, Classic, AND Traditional. So, look around.

                                      Here are some popular image locations:

* Bears, Disk 2, 10, 13   (there are a total of 1155 files with bear in the name...most are found here). For example:

        \Clipart 600k\Ae_02\Animals\Land Animals (A - Ca)

        \Clipart 600k\Ae_10\Animals (Part 2)\Land Animals (A - Be)

        \Clipart 600k\Ae_13\Classic\Animals\Land Animals (Aa - Be)

        \Clipart 600k\Ae_13\Classic\Animals\Land Animals (Be - De)

        * Paw Prints are on p160, 192, 200 (disc 2) and p1081 (disc 10)

* Borders are on Disk 3, 10, 14, 16

* Holiday Images on Disk 5, 11, 14, 16, 19 (small photos) (don't use for NotePads...keep them timeless)

* Health Images: Disk 5, 11, 14, 16, 19 (small photos of food), 22 (small photos of sports)

* Occasions (i.e. Birthdays): Disk 6, 11, 14, 16

* Texas, Disk 22 small pictures.

* Camera and Film (Electronics): Disk 4, 10

* Sports: Disk 8, 12, 15 (Classic), 17 (Traditional)



* My photos and class photos are located here:

    \\Wbphoto\public\\pictures\Loker's Photos  - you may use these images with out restriction as long as you give credit for the image in your credit line. If you are looking for my selected best, look in the folder of "Edits" which is the folder where I pile up most of the ones I have edited or plan to edit. Otherwise, it will be like looking for "a needle in a haystack". Here is a direct link to my current edit folder for you to browse online:

    \\Wbphoto\public\pictures\Misc_Pictures\ -  NOTE: do not use other student's photos for which you do NOT have permission. If I took the pictures, you can use them with out asking me. IF IN DOUBT, ASK!!!


                                                             ii.      When you find an image that you want...see 1bv above.


            *After you find your art via a, b or c and have placed the art in your document, see Formatting below to format.


  1. Importing a .wmf (windows media flle, or Paint Document) ClipArt to Photoshop - a lot of the ClipArt is in a format that will not open directly into Photoshop.
    1. Have the Photoshop document open that you are wanting to paste the ClipArt into
    2. Find the graphic you want in the folders.
    3. Double click (some of you may need to right click the graphic and open with "Windows Picture and Fax Viewer")
    4. Maximize to full screen
    5. Go to START and choose "Snipping Tool"
      1. If you have an older computer at home (Windows XP), you can press the Print Scrn button along the top row of your keyboard.
    6. Open a new document in Photoshop (accept the clipboard default...aka click OK)
    7. Paste (Ctrl V)
      1. Crop to size (click the letter C)...and commit to the change
    8. Float the window (drag it down)
    9. Drag the layer over to your project.
  2. Inserting a File in to MS Word (photo or ClipArt) from a mapped location (2nd semester):
    1. Go to the menu Insert/Picture/From File (Alt, I, P, F)
    2. Navigate to the location of the image you want to insert (like your L or P drive or USB drive). If you get lost…go back to the Desktop
    3. Click on the image and click Insert.
    4. Right click to format the object properties (see Formatting below).
    5. When browsing, you may need to change "All Pictures" to "All Files".
    6. Some ClipArt may need to be inserted as "Encapsulated PostScript"
  3. Inserting a Clip Art from MS Office Clip Art. There is a limited # of pieces of Clip Art built into Word…realize that EVERYBODY who has MS Word, has these same pieces…so your poster my loose some originality, etc.
    1. Go to the menu Insert/Picture/Clip Art. This will launch Microsoft’s ClipArt in a side bar.
    2. You can search for a “keyword” for a particular item, or you can look through all of the image by leaving the “Search for:” empty. Then click “Go”. When you have found the one you want, click to insert.
    3. Right click to format the object properties (see Formatting below).


Formatting the image

  1. Right click and select "Format Object" or simply 2x click to set the object properties.
  2. Change Layout to “Square”
  3. Click on Advanced, go to “Options” click OFF “Move Object with Text”, click ON “Lock Anchor”














Common Clip art that you can click on and Copy and Paste:


ClipArt Folder Access:

NOTE: The SERVER path indicated in the images below has changed from \\westbrook-cgs1 to \\wbphoto