Equipment Available for Checkout

Please make sure you have the proper documentation in place prior to checking out any equipment -

Fill out this Checkout Form (but do NOT submit) before stepping up to the Check Out Door.


Camera Equipment

Checkout Schedule

Checkout Procedures


*** New equipment available for the 2015-16. See the Digital Check Out form for new lenses, etc. until this page is updated.



Camera Equipment



Pentax DSLRs - Pentax ist, K100d Supers, and k50 (parent contact required at checkout)

** Pentax Kx Video DSLR

Canon EOS 10d

Canon EOS D60

** GoPro 4

Nikon L18 1-35 - 8mp - Point and Shoot Pocket Camera.



Pentax K1000

** Pentax ZX-m

** Nikon F5 - our best film camera

** Nikon - N90s (very nice our best film cameras)

Nikon N80

Nikon FM10 - 2

Nikon N70 - 2

Canon - AE1 - 2

Canon FTb

Canon EOS Rebel S

Minolta x-700

Minolta srT202 w/ 50/1.7



**Lenses - (filter size) Lens brand must match body brand. You are welcome to check out a Pentax body if you want to use a specialty lens. All additional lenses are for 2+ year checkout.

Lensbaby Composer for Pentax

Lensbaby 2.0 for Nikon

Pentax 10mm

Pentax 10-17mm Fish eye -

Pentax 16mm Cine (movie...stepless apertures)

Pentax - 50mm (MF and AF), 18-55 AF, 28-85, 70-200, 80-200, 70-300

Pentax AF 55-200/4-5.6 OS (55/Sigma)

Pentax AF 100-300/4.5-6.7 (pretty slow lens, 55/Quantary)

Pentax AF 50-200/4-5.6 (kit lens, 49/Pentax)

Pentax AF 50/1.4 (52/Pentax) - one of the fastest lenses we have

Pentax 55-300

Pentax 300mm (parent contact required at checkout)

Nikon MF 35-70/3.5-4.8 (52/Nikon) - 2

Nikon AF* 28-90/3.5-5.6 Macro 1:2.3 (55/Quantary)

Nikon AF* 90/2.8 Macro

Nikon AF* 80-200/4.5-5.6 D (52/Nikon)

Canon MF - 50/1.8 (52/Canon), 28/2.8 (52/Sears), 75-200/4.5 1:38 Macro (58/TOU/5Star), TC 2x (Focal)

Canon AF 70-300/4-5.6 Macro (1:2 from 180-300, 62/Promaster)

Canon AF 75-300/4-5.6 Macro 1:4 (55/Sigma)

Canon AF 28-105/2.8-4 (72/Sigma)

Canon AF 50mm EF II (52/Canon) currently broken

Canon AF 35-80/4-5.6 EF (52/Canon)

Minolta - 28-85/3.5-4.5 Macro (62/Vivitar), 70-200/3.8-4.8 (52/Ozunon), 80-200/3.9 (52/Albinar), TC 2x (Omega)


*Note - Nikon AF may require manual focusing and/or exposure on lower level cameras.



Polarizer (numerous and various sizes)

Macro filters - 49, 52, 55, 58mm


Neutral Density (numerous and various sizes)

SPOT FILTER w/ Vaseline

    6pt - 58
FL-D (to use Daylight film in fluorescent lighting)
YELLOW K2 (2 Available)
X1 (Green) ???
80A (Blue) ???
O2 (Orange)
Haze, Skylight and UV - various brands, etc.

Step up and down filter rings



Lightweight - P&S

Medium - Small SLRs

Heavy Duty - Bigger SLRs

Video - Two sizes



- Manual - Vivitar 283 - Good for Painting with light or for K1000s and ZX-ms

- Dedicated TTL for Pentax (various models)

- Flash Triggers - Photo slaves, Sound Triggers


Optional Accessory Equipment:

·    Cable Releases - Various for different models

        - NEW - RC-C1 Remote Switch with Digital Timer for Canon EOS/Digital Rebel, Pentax DSLR, etc. - extra long exposure timer, interval timer, timer delay

·    Camera Bag- small, medium, and/or large

·    AV Cord- Video out to a TV

·    Data Cord & Software - Camera to Computer, software installation may be required. Use at your OWN RISK!

·    Instruction Manual

·    CF Reader- allows for transferring images to your computer. Use only if you have XP…other systems may require software installation.

·    Extra Batteries- Rechargeable NiMH

·    Battery Charger- AA NiMH

·    Memory - CF and SD of various sizes

·    Lens adapter- allows use of filters, like a Polarizer, on teh Canon A85


Video Equipment

MICs, Cords

    - Various types, lapel, wireless, etc.

    - NEW Rode Video Mic (Sound/Vibration Isolated MIC)

Sound Mixers

Tripods - Lightweight and Heavy Duty

Video Rail (home check out)

Video Rail (in class/campus use)

QuadCopter - Teacher must supervise flight, student will use app for controlling camera.

Computer Equipment

USB CF Card Readers




Check Out Schedule

Equipment is checked out ONLY AFTER SCHOOL and only on Tuesday, Thursday and/or Friday. All equipment must be checked IN prior to 1st period...with the exception of first period students.

·       Note: Subject to change WITHOUT notice.

o     Please plan your schedule to get assignments completed in time accordingly.

o     Plan your transportation in order to have adequate time for check out and for an “On-Time” check in. Do NOT be in a hurry and do NOT be late!

o     Special arrangements may be made for major holidays (drawing by numbers).


Check Out Procedures


Note: If you do not agree with these guidelines in ANY way, PLEASE get your OWN equipment…it will be easier on ALL of us and you will have more fun with your own equipment.



Please email me if you have any questions.