CD Cover

Assignment:   Design and Produce a CD Cover for your Class Documents (CD...get it?)

Goals:             Design and produce a CD cover using Adobe Photoshop

Tools:              Adobe Photoshop


For this project Rough Draft, use an actual CD cover of yours or from the internet to rough out a design as your guide. it should include 1) What pictures you will use 2) Locations of the various text on both the front and the back including 8 titles of class projects.  This is worth 100 points. Your final CD does  NOT have to look like your sample...but you will use it as a guide.




PART 1: Set Up        See Public

1.      Open Photoshop and create a new document with the following specifications: Name: CD Cover, Width: 9.5" (make sure the unit is inches...not pixels), Height: 4.75". Resolution: 300, Mode: RGB Color     8 bit

2.      Turn on Rulers, Ctrl + R. Drag from INSIDE the left ruler (vertical) a guide wire to the halfway point at 4.75. (Be sure to click in the dark gray area of the ruler...NOT on the edge of the ruler.)

PART 2: Design

  1. Design your CD cover in Photoshop using YOUR OWN original art. If you did not complete a CD cover rough draft, you will need to use one of my covers as a sample to guide you. Remember that the contents of the CD are going to be your class documents: i.e. Drawings (Photoshop), Notepad, Posters, Greeting Card, Photos, Magazine Cover, Photoshop Montages, CD Cover, Photo Pres, etc.
  1. Design your CD cover keeping in mind that it will be folded down the center: therefore, the right side of the CD layout will be your front and the left side will be your inside cover. When folded, the right side will be the outside cover, the left will be the inside cover. You can use your Photo Montage on the CD Cover (front or back) AND you can put your Photo Name on the front as well. Simply FLATTEN the image and then move that layer to the CD Cover.
  2. YOUR NAME, TITLE OF THE CLASS and THE YEAR OF THE CLASS must appear on your CD cover somewhere on the front. Example: The name of the CD is your name. And then, somewhere else you can have "Photography 2013-14". You may change this up. Like, you can use Comm Graphics, Communication Graphics, Photo I or Photography I, or something along that line as the title of the class. You can play with the title as long as it is clear what your name is, etc.


Design Tips:

PART 3: Final CD Cover Assessment:

You will need to bring in a blank CD and an empty jewel case, or purchase one from me. You will then print your CD jewel case cover, fold, and turn in for your grade. The CD and Cover will need to be kept here until we burn your CD at the end of the year. You will also enter your CD into the Year End Contest at ParkDale Mall (if finished).



Printing your CD Cover

  1. Drop your finished JPEG into the Project Folder on the Data Drive

  2. Print with Preview (ALWAYS print with preview from Photoshop)

  3. Change the page setup, if necessary, to landscape.

  4. Do NOT scale to fit media.




Steps for Burning your CD:

1. Make sure you know where everything is on your computer and that the windows are visible on your screen (i.e. open).

2. Insert your blank disk and wait for the wizard appear. Choose the option "Open writable CD folder using Windows Explorer".

3. Drag the contents of your windows (Ctrl + A) to the CD Drive Window (the empty window). You may have to move windows around if you have saved work to different places.

4. Then click "Write these files to CD".



Student Samples:

Note...the front cover must consist of some variation of your name, the class name, and the year.




*I like the front of this...and I like the ART on the back, but the text should have been some other design.*





Commercial CD Samples: