REMINDER - WEB SITE NOTICE: Extended Student Internet Access Policy. This lab (V61) has an extended filter access...which means you may find that sites in here that are normally blocked in other classes are NOT blocked in this classroom. You must be extra diligent to visit only the sites I approve. Period! Do NOT visit sites you know you are not to visit which included YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, FaceBook, Deviant Art, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, Pandora, Spotify, Web Games of any type, etc., etc., etc. If I catch you visiting unauthorized sites, I will shut down your internet completely and/or extend you some bonus time after school, automatically. I have signed (and so has the principal) that inappropriate content will NOT stream or be viewed in here. This means, no bad sites, no online games, no streaming music or video. But this also means no shopping for prom dresses, or engagement rings, or a new lawn mower for your mowing business, searching for manual to be a better Dungeon Master, etc. Keep it clean, keep it class related (assignment) and stay on task at all times.



Official Computer Acceptable Use Policy -


Please be sure to have a complete form on file ASAP with me AND the main computer department (the later being the more important of the two). There are two pages to this form...and I provided TWO forms with the initial for me...and one for the head of the computer department. If you need another form, download the form below:


When completing this form, it is very important that you review the form very carefully, signing in each area requested, and checking off each area needed.


Essentially, the form is asking 1) is it ok for the student to use the computer 2) if we can use their picture name and/or work on the internet. Generally, I recommend that you DO allow this information to be used, like here, and that you DO allow the students full access. So, the answers on the bottom of the page one should be box on the left and on the back (page 2) the answers should be YES.


Please note that the parent and student are accepting responsibility for using the district network resources in a responsible manner and for educational purposes only, etc.


Also, VERY important: Special Internet access in this classroom that allows you to access to special photo websites. This access also allows access to some places that are still not appropriate for this class, like Facebook. We will talk about more sites that are off limits...but for the time being, under no circumstances are you to visit FaceBook during class...or while visiting this class from another class unless I specifically say that FB is open. Now, having said this, please go to and "Like" the page to follow class announcements and participate in class discussions. I will also be Tweeting. Follow us... westbrookphoto


Electronic Communications and Network Systems - Communication Graphics/Photography




It is assumed that the Communication Graphics student (and their parent), has signed the full BISD CAUP. The complete Policies are available for review: A few highlights are summarized below. In addition, this class utilizes SPECIAL internet resources AND SPECIAL access, publishes content to the internet as part of the curriculum, and utilizes other electronic media and communications to facilitate the lessons and work with the students. It is necessary that student has permission to complete their online portfolio, some of which may need to be completed at home.


INFORMATION CONTENT / THIRD PARTY INFORMATION - System users (and their parents) should be aware that use of the system may provide access to other systems in the global network that may contain inaccurate and/or objectionable material. In the Comm Graphics Lab, V61, a SPECIAL FILTER is applied to the student login allowing access otherwise blocked to the student outside of V61. A student who gains access to such material is expected to discontinue the access as quickly as possible and to report the incident to the supervising teacher. A student knowingly accessing prohibited sites, or bringing prohibited materials into the schoolís network, will be subject to suspension of access and/or to disciplinary action.


VANDALISM - Any malicious attempt to harm District equipment or data, or any of the other networks that are connected to the Internet is prohibited. Deliberate attempts to degrade or disrupt system performance are violations of District policy and may constitute criminal activity.



  Individual in whose name a system account is issued will be responsible at all times for its proper use.

  System may not be used for illegal purposes, in support of illegal activities, or for any other activity prohibited by District policy or guidelines.

  Users may not redistribute copyrighted programs or data except with the written permission of the copyright holder or designee. Such permission must be specified in the document or must be obtained directly from the copyright holder or designee in accordance with applicable copyright laws.

  Users may not send or post messages or purposefully access materials that are abusive, obscene, sexually oriented, threatening, harassing, damaging to anotherís reputation, or illegal.

  Users may not waste District network resources. Users will not post chain letters or engage in ďspammingĒ.

  Users may not gain unauthorized access to resources or information

  Users may not use the District system for commercial purposes, defined as providing goods or services for personal gain.

  User participation in instructional chat rooms and newsgroups accessed on the Internet is permissible for students, under appropriate supervision.

  User will NOT access streaming services including MUSIC, VIDEO, GAMING or other streaming media.

  Users visiting Non-instructional sites are not permissible.


Release Form for Electronically Published Student Information and Communication

The instructor of this class publishes a variety of information about projects and activities using multimedia formats, including the Internet via the District Website and other places such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. The class also utilizes other electronic means in direct communications with the student for reminders, instructions, following links, portfolio reviews, etc. In some instances, the studentís image and/or work will appear by either the studentís own inclusion in their web portfolio/gallery, or the instructorís placement on the school website. It is important to note that the student will need to use their email and Internet accounts (Google Docs, etc.) in the daily operation of class.



Your signature below acknowledges permission for this student to access the internet, information to be published electronically and/or the teacher to contact the student directly via electronic means. A parent email address can be added via CC if requested.


YES      NO            My student may access the Internet WITH AN EXPANDED FILTER (less will be filtered).

YES      NO            My studentís first name may be published (by student and/or teacher).

YES      NO            My studentís image may be published (by student and/or teacher).

YES      NO            My studentís work may be published (by student and/or teacher). (on PicasaWeb by Google)

YES      NO            The instructor may contact my student via email, cell phone, text message and/or other electronic media.


* Note: YES on the above questions is recommended for the full participation in this courseís curriculum. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at



Parent: I have read the complete terms and conditions for BISD facilities use and Internet access. I understand that this free access is designed for educational purposes. In consideration for the privilege of my student using the Districtís network, and in consideration for having access to the public networks, I hereby release the District, its operators, and any institutions with which they are affiliated from any and all claims and damage of any nature arising from my studentís use of, or inability to use, the system. I hereby give the above permissions and release Beaumont ISD from liability resulting from or connected with this permission.


PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGNATURE: ________________________________________________ DATE: ______________________



Student: I understand that District computer use is not private and that the District will monitor my activity. I have read the Districtís network system policy and agree to abide by their provisions.


STUDENTíS SIGNATURE: __________________________________ DATE: _______________________




Complete BISD/West Brook Computer Accept Use Policy

Page 1, Page 2


Please email me if you have any questions.