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            * Today, you will start a Career Investigation. This will be a two part lesson. Today is only an introduction. In a couple of weeks, the current years codes will be active for you to take some assessment tests. Although VERY important for older students, the sooner you can have an idea of what you are interested in, the more focus and the greater the chance you will have to be motivated and more successful. Open: Career Investigation web page to do review the Career Investigation assessments.


This activity follows a Focus question you had previously…

8. What career(s) are you most interested? How or why did you get interested in the area? How many times have your parent(s) changed careers?


To help prevent you from spending 1,000’s of dollars and years of school, these simple tests will help you find out where your Career Interests lie. Even if you know emphatically what you want to do in life, MANY people change careers and degrees after several semesters at great expense and loss of time. This type of Career Assessment is highly recommended as a College Freshman. Thanks to BISD’s commitment to your success, this test has been pre-paid for you to help now. You may use these tests while you are in school, and use the results.


Also, keep an open mind to your career options. I am NOT asking you to consider being a photographer...there isn't enough jobs out there. BUT!!! There are LOTS of jobs that come DIRECTLY from a class like this. Remember, you can't connect the dots looking forward, especially when you can't even see all of the dots.


Careers related to Communication Graphics



2013-14 Waiting for the Activation Code


To begin:


1.      Open:     (this should open a NEW browser window...if not, open a new window and type in the URL)

2.      Set up an account. (New Users) Use your your last name plus your first initial as your username (i.e.. gloker for George Loker), your ID as your password. If your first choice doesn't work, try your full name, then add a # at the end of your name.

3.      School Code...9583 (for Westbrook, 9581 for Central, 9582 for Ozen)

4.      School Zip...77706        BE SURE TO REGISTER WITH THE CORRECT SCHOOL. 

5.      Navigator Activation CodeN3627557TTB for West Brook only.

6.      Take all three (3) assessment tests.

        a. Go to "Learn About Myself"

        b. Take an assessment.

        c. Return to "Learn About Myself", Take Assessment and do the next one.

·         Try to complete an entire test at a time, but you can "Exit and Finish Later"...just try to finish a page and then go to "Next Page" before clicking on the "Exit and Finish Later".



Take the following tests in the following order (you should not need to know the code following the test).


                Assessment Test 1. Career Search with People Match... (60 questions…or about 18 minutes.)

                Assessment Test 2. Skills Assessment... (90 questions - or about 32 minutes...try not to mark everything in the middle)


·         After you have finished the first  two assessments, you will be able to review the "Kuder Interests and Skills Composite Report". This is located under "Assessment Results".  The Clusters listed toward the top have the strongest correlation between what you LIKE (Interest in NAVY) and what you CAN DO (Skill in YELLOW). Clicking on the "Cluster Name" will take you to a screen to "Explore Occupations" and "Explore College Majors".

·         THE IMPORTANT INFORMATION IS THE RANK ORDER OF YOUR VALUES, NOT THE EXACT SCORES. You should think of your results in terms of, "I value Independence in my work most of all. Other values that are important to me include Creativity, Challenge, and Supervision."


                Assessment Test 3. Work Values Inventory...(72 questions - try to not mark everything in the middle)


·         Use the results from Test 3 to determine what is important to you in consideration of the possible careers determined by the first two tests.


Conclusion: By considering occupations that match your interests, skills, and work values you will be more likely to find success and satisfaction in your career.


Screen shots and Additional Instructions:




Create an account... be sure to use the information from the previous website (school website that took you to the site).








After you are logged in, "Learn About Myself":






After you click on "Take an Assessment", you will have a choice between three (3) tests. Start with the first assessment at the top. 



After you have finished all three tests, you will want to review your assessment results. The 1st and 2nd tests will show up as a composite report which is very helpful to cross tabulate your interests and your skills. The 3rd test will show up as the one on "View" to see what you value.


Some of the following screen shots may not be exactly the same with the new system…but should be pretty close. I will change them ASAP.







Here is a sample of the Composite Report that shows for me that I have skill and Interest in Outdoor/Mechanical.





Here is a sample of the Work Values profile (test 3) that shows I value very highly Independence and Creativity. And have a very low value of Co-Workers (meaning, I prefer to work alone).





After you have looked over the overview of your tests, click on the specific areas that came up at the top of your list: