Camera Home Checkout


It is important that you have your own camera available at your discretion. Ideally, with the design of this class, you should be taking plenty of pictures all the time, not just for class assignments, but for your self. It is difficult to take pictures if you don't have a camera...or you don't have it with you. It is expected that those taking this class will get their own camera or at least have ready access to a camera so that you are more likely to have a camera available to you when you need it. Historically, those who have excelled in this class have had their own cameras.


However, extenuating circumstances may prevent you from getting a camera right now. Thanks to a benevolent purchase by your school principal, Mr. Daniels, we have a new classroom set of state of the art Digital SLRs. This will allow me to be able to check out the previous class cameras.


If you are interested, please put your name on a piece of paper and turn into me for a drawing in case I have more than 16 students interested in a camera. The check out period will be for the entire year (or at least until late May...or January if you are only in the class for the first semester). The camera will be checked out after school on either Tuesday, Thursday or Friday.


If you are not able to get one of these cameras, you may find out who all did get a camera and meet up with them to shoot with them. Although you may shoot the same subjects, you may NOT use the same images. You should have a way to determines whose images are whose. For example, when my wife are sharing a camera, I will shoot my hand right before I start taking pictures so that I know where my pictures start. Then she will shoot her hand when she starts, etc.


Please note that this is an older camera, and


There are a few things to consider...and a Special Permission Slip will be required in addition to the general permission to use equipment you and your parents signed at the beginning of the year.

1) The camera is fairly small. It may not fit in your pocket, but it does in mine. Because of this, it is more prone to theft.

2) The camera is about 6 years (2004). Because of the way technology is, just about any $50-100 digital camera at Wal-Mart will easily outshoot this camera. But, this Camera was a very good camera at the time and is still good enough to produce good quality images.  In addition, it is not the camera that we will use in class therefore you will be on your own for figuring out it's operation, etc. I have a few handouts as well as the instruction manual that will come with the camera checkout.

3) The camera is a 4mp Canon A85 with 3x Optical Zoom. The camera uses 4 standard AA batteries, although NIMH Rechargeable Batteries and a charger will be checked out with the camera. You will probably want to carry an extra set of Standard AA Alkaline batteries in case the NIMH batteries die on you (very likely).

4) Most of the cameras are in near mint condition...and are expected to come back in mint condition. I have owned numerous cameras for many years and used them for thousand and thousand of pictures with little or no signs of wear. I expect you to treat these cameras as if you paid your own hard earned money. If the camera is damaged in anyway, lost or stolen, you will have to pay for the camera. Even if only cosmetic damage is sustained, you may end up having to pay for a new camera. And although newer cameras may cost less than this, I need this exact model, which may be hard to find and/or more expensive than buying a new camera t Wal-Mart today. If you do not agree to these terms, then just buy a new camera now and save us all a lot of time and trouble.


Check out may come with the following:

- The camera with neck strap - do not remove the next strap...and always keep it around your neck when not in the bag. Cameras left out on tables get dragged down to the floor by the straps.

- Camera Bag

- 4-8 NIMH Rechargeable batteries...and a battery charger if possible.

- Compact flash card reader - please be very careful inserting the cards into the card reader. The pins are VERY easily bent. Damaged card readers will have to be replaced.

- Software of installation on your home computer. (sorry...this does NOT include Photoshop...but you can download Paint.Net for free as well as other useful programs available on our class server)

- Cables - AV for connecting to a TV, and USB for connecting to your computer