Creating a Photo Calendar

Assignment:   Create a photo calendar

Goals:    Choose from a variety of templates to create your own personalized photo calendar.        

Tools:     MS Word, Digital photos        

Total Production Cost:   12 month calendar including cover and binder comb is $1.00.


There are many programs that are designed to create a calendar template. There is even an entire website

that you can subscribe to to create a huge variety of ready to use templates. (2 months at a time from a limited collection

are free...or $15 for a 1 yr premium membership.)

One simple way is to use a template built into MSWord that generates monthly calendars

for you with just a few mouse clicks:



  1. Open Microsoft Word.
  2. Click File and click New (don't use Ctrl + N)
  3. Find the Templates section (right side) and click "On my computer..."

  4. Click the Other Documents tab.
  5. Double-click Calendar Wizard.
  6. Follow the steps in the wizard.

    Tips: Choose portrait...especially if most of your pictures are horizontal. Choose to "leave room for your picture?"

  7. Insert a pictures and make any other personalize changes desired for each month.

Another variation of the above is to NOT "leave room for your picture" and make a separate page for each month

so that like a traditional calendar, the month is at the bottom and the pictures is at the top.




Here is what mine looked liked using the MS Word built in calendar maker. I ran the template, then choose a photo for each month. I did do a little custom changes by making the black month bar smaller, shifting the month days down which included combing a couple of days when the month went to 6 lines (Sept and Dec).



Here is sample calendar in a PDF format.