Data CD Burning

Assignment:   Burn a CD/DVD of all of your documents

Goals:             Produce a CD for you to take all of your documents (pictures, files, projects, etc.)

Tools:              Windows 7 or Picasa


If you are burning only Photos, you may want to use Picasa CD burning.


Regardless of what method you use below, consider that you MAY have documents in multiple places:


Method 1: Alternative to using Picasa to burn your CD (using Windows Built In Burning Software):

  1. Insert a blank CD/DVD.

    • If Windows Autoplay Wizard presents you several options (not likely in here...but say at home), choose "Open writeable CD folder".

    • Otherwise, open Computer (Windows key + E). 2x click on DVD RW Drive (D:)

    • If you get a Prompt that says "How do you want to use this disc?" Choose "With a CD/DVD player" and then "Next".

    • Name it Name-Year

  2. Do ANOTHER Open Computer window (Windows Key + E) and go to each "Volume" of documents and drag everything over to D Drive window that you want to put on the DISC. Ie. Go to your picture folder and drag over all the pictures that you want to put on the CD. A disk will generally hold 650mb (yes, they are rated for 700...but filling it all the way will increase the chance of a bad burn).

  3. Click on "Burn to disc" in the upper left side of the folder you have been dragging items to.

  4. Title your Disc your name and year, no spaces "Loker2014" or something like the

  5. Drop the speed to 1 speed below max. Ex If you see 16x, drop down to 12x or 8x.

  6. Do not use your computer while a DISC is burning.








Method 2: Burning a DISC via PICASA: (screen shots below to be added later) - this is useful to make a disc for a friend of say a photo session, or a party you went to

  1. Pick a folder you want to make a Disc of. (don't can add others in just a bit)

  2. Click Create (menu item) and go to "Create a Gift CD"

  3. Click through the various options below, including "Add More..."






Outdated Method using special CD Authoring Software - no longer compatible with Windows 7:

Method 3: Burning a CD via Nero: (see screen shots below)




1. Insert a blank CD. Windows XP Autoplay should present you with several options for you. Choose "Create Your Own Disc using Nero StartSmart".

2. Choose "Make Data CD" or "Make DAta DVD

3. Drag everything over from your P Drive, C Drive and L Drive windows to the Nero Express Window. EXCEPT...delete the TRASHBOX

4. Make sure the bar at the bottom does not exceed the 700 MB or the 4500 space...and generally, anything over 650 increases the chance of a bad burn. Click Next.

5. Name the disk Change "Writing speed" to one or two less than the maximum (burning at max speed increases the chance of a bad burn).

* If you want to burn more than one disk copy, the quickest way is to turn OFF the "Allow files to be added later (multisession disc)". Leave this option on if you only are filling HALF of the disk, like iwth 300 MBs. If you are over 600 MB...turn this option OFF!!

* If the data is REALLY important, you should "Verify data on disc after burning" but it will increase the burn time two fold. And, increase the burn failure rate. Generally...if the burn finishes, the files will Verify is not really necessary.

6. Confirm, then Burn.


Screen shots using Nero:



Be sure to grab the Picasa folder in My Pictures.