Brazos Bend State Park Camping Trip


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2015-16 - Nov 7-8 - CANCELED for 2015-16. Sorry...chance of rain...90%!




Video from 2010 - (do NOT watch at school...I'll show to the whole class)


Each year we take a trip to this very special park with the objective to fulfill the shooting topics of: Landscape, Wildlife, and Nighttime photos. Brazos is one of the top parks to be able to cover these topics offering a diversity of landscape as well as wildlife. After the sun sets, thanks to the home of the Fort Bent Observatory being located in the park, the night sky comes alive with night time photo ops such as star trails, and telescope views of far and near objects in the night sky. See below for more details for an exact itinerary.


Brazos Bend Bound folks. Review your list of things to get. Please come by the afternoon before we are set to leave to get any gear that you need. Everybody needs their own tripod. Be here at 8:30 (don't be late...but don't be much sooner either). If you are arriving later, make sure you have directions...and let me know. I am still missing some permission slips. Please make sure I have this tomorrow.








Dear Parents,

Plans are being finalized for the Comm II camping trip to Brazos Bend State Park on November 12th and 13th, 2011. Brazos Bend is one of Texas’ finest parks as it is host to a diverse ecology of plants, animals, and even the George Observatory with one of the largest public telescopes (36”) and two 18” telescopes available for viewing. Their will also be numerous members of the Fort Bend Observatory Club present to assist.


I have taken MANY great pictures in BBSP…and the nighttime activity at the observatory is unparalleled in experience.

Here are a few pictures from Brazos Bend:

The park is located just south of Houston, off of 288:

Here is a link to the Observatory:

and a Video from Brazos SP -


Itinerary: (subject to change depending on sunset...and if trip is before the time change or after)


7:30 am                     Depart from WB in caravan of cars

8:15                           Winnie for Breakfast

9:00 - 12                   4 - 5  shooting locations en route to Brazos, including Iron Works Silhouette Site, Water Fall, Grain Silo/Farm, Parachute Drops.

11:30 am                   Lunch

1:00 pm                     Arrive at State Park and check in, Set up at camp site

2:00                          Afternoon hike

4:00                          Early camp dinner. Hamburger Hobo Stew (hamburger meat, carrots, onions, potatoes, bell peppers, etc.) Prepare for evening activities.

6:00 – 7:00 pm          Sunset pictures over water areas.

8:30 –                     Night Sky pictures at the Fort Bend Observatory

9:30 pm  -              Campfire time



7:00                          Sunrise pictures/hike (optional...just be back in time for breakfast)

8:00                          Camp Breakfast. Eggs, bacon and cinnamon rolls.

10:00                          Break down camp

11:00 - 12:30            Morning hike, then head home.

3:00                           Return back


Items to bring:

o     Tent (extra are available…but please let me know in advance)

o     Sleeping bag and sheets, Pillow (or...put clothes in a bag as your pillow)

o     Camera

o     Tripod – for night time pictures

o     Extra batteries - Your camera will be DEAD by 6:00 pm...ALMOST GUARANTEED!

o     Cable release - remote or wired...order in advance...two weeks, if at all possible.

o     DC battery charger for your Smart Phone...there is NO electricity in the group site. Airplane

o     Flashlight...preferably with a RED light option.

o     Insect Repellant

o     Trail food to snack on. Bring zip lock bags to secure.

o     Beverages, like water...especially portable water bottles for hikes. Bring 6 water bottles. Put your name on them PRIOR to trip. Do NOT arrive to the campsite and expect to find water bottles. BYOB!!! There is not even really a good place to fill up water bottles.

o     Binoculars – compact size is convenient since we will be carrying equipment

o     Required Entrance Fee…$7 (2013). Will cover entrance into park

o     Needed Food Donation…$5. Some times parents want to help cover the cost. if so, please feel free to donate to the cause. Otherwise, the food and campsite is my gift to you.

o     OPTIONAL: Astronomy Observation Telescopes…$7 (2013). Will cover entrance into the three large Telescopes. If it is cloudy, this will not be necessary nor even possible.

o     Permission slip (due in advance…ASAP)

o     Plenty of rest…to be ready for a full 28 hours of nature and photography. J

o     Other? (please leave the MP3 players at home ;-)




 Other details:



Cut here for a tentative permission slip. A formal permission form with emergency contact information will be sent home closer to trip.



My student has permission to:


o     Drive other students                     or

o     Ride with another student driver   or

o     Ride with parent only

________________________                                    ________________________

Student                                                                         Parent








Thanks for all the successful trips!!     :)

2010-11 Brazos Group: Thanks for another great trip!










2007-08 - MUCH warmer!



2006-07 - The year of the cold front!







Returning Comm II Students: After a few years of former 2nd year students returning to the camping trip, I got the idea to invite all former 2nd year students to return each year as a reunion of sorts for the official Comm II Annual Class Reunion. I always look back very fondly of the 2 years of my life (and yours) that we spend together. I truly do value the continued contacts that many of you all keep with me. It means a lot to me to know how you are doing...even if it has nothing to do with photography. I wish I wasn't always so busy with school when you all come to hopefully this will be a chance for use to take a break and have a little fun like we sometimes got to enjoy in class. Please do keep in mind that this is still a current 2nd year trip...with a teaching focus, so, please plan to act accordingly. That means, come to have fun...but leave any adult beverages behind. :) You don't have to shoot, although I always enjoy shooting at Brazos, but it would be nice if I can count on you all to be good roll models and help those that are there shooting for their first time...especially if you have continued to pursue your photographic interests. Please touch base with me about 7-10 days ahead of the trip so I can plan for the meals properly, etc. Hope to see you soon!


Candids taken over the years:



The wildlife and landscape:


The videos from the Camping Trip are also online: K:\Video\Video Production\0809 Videos\2008-11-01 Brazos Camping Video

Also, look for the pictures and other videos under "Misc Photos\Photos OF Students


And...from an email from Hector:

Just wanted to let you and the students that went to Brazos this year that i have pictures from Brazos posted on my picasa albums.
let them know the URL of it if they want to see them, its
and its the second album called Brazos 2008
Hope you and you're students like them, let me know any positive feed back if any. (email him at: Hector Zapata [])