B l a c k F r i d a y


What is black Friday? The day stores expect to turn a profit for the year from the largest shopping day of the year (many stores operate in the RED until the Christmas sales begin). To encourage shoppers to jump start their holiday shopping, retailers cut prices to ALL time low prices known as DOOR BUSTERS. The prices just after Thanksgiving will be the lowest of the Christmas season. If history proves itself, you won't see the prices for 6-9 months!!! They are usually definitely the lowest of the current Christmas season.


If you have time (does ANYBODY?)...and you will be shopping on Friday or Saturday...you may want to look at my collection of Black Friday ads. These are unpublished scans of the ads that will hit the streets in the Thanksgiving Day newspaper. Check them out now...to plan your shopping. :) An interesting story: http://www.12newsnow.com/story/30525746/dont-buy-these-4-things-on-black-friday


The ads are located: \\\Public\Clipart (more)...\BfAds      <-- this link will NOT work...you will need to use the run command to get to the \\ folder and navigate to the BFAds folder at the main level. [I also may not have copied recent ads...so, if you want to browse the website that organizes all of the Black Friday sales...visit: http://bfads.net/ This may also be helpful as I don't have all of the adscans downloaded, but there is a store list of items that will be on sale. Browse but don't download the ad scans as I have already done that on the local link above.


Here is a picture of my rebate/receipt from my shopping at Circuit City a number of years ago...look at the lady behind me (with the blue jacket)...we had been in line since 4:00 a.m. and she is a little upset that my ticket was so long (it is actually longer than what you see in the picture).




The significance of the Ad Scans is they are HIGHLY secretive until the are released to the Public. To ACQUIRE these ads requires somewhat COVERT and possibly very risky procedures. Kind of like seeing a movie on a DVD before it is released. SOMEBODY INSIDE the company has LEAKED the goods.


Here is a picture from the Beaumont Enterprise indicating how serious it is the release of advertisements.