BCC Digital File Contest Submission


Please check back here periodically for the latest information and any changes to this process. :) Please also check the Beaumont Camera Club website for contest themes and other information.



    Image Size:    1920x1280

    File Size:        1mb per image

    File Type:               Jpeg

    Deadline:                Saturday evening before Contest Monday (ideally...send the week before...see below)

    Email:                     BeaumontCameraClubgmail.com          (I'll change this to an actual link later...as soon as I figure out how to do so with image verification)



  1. Resize the file.  See the tutorial on Resizing. The ideal file size should be around 1500x1500 and 500k. This should not affect the viewing for our contest. GSCCC Digital Contest requires the files to be squished down to UNDER 1024x768 and 300k (see link below in FAQ if you want more info). When you Resize the file using the above Resizing Tutorial, it will create a duplicate file with a suffix added to the file name...which you will need to change in the next step.

  2. Name the image file like you want it to appear UNDER the projected image.  

    • If it is misspelled when you send it to me...it will be misspelled when it is displayed.

    • Please do not put your name in the file name.

    • Please DO type out the file names in your email.

    • Some of you all have mentioned (and I understand) that it helps to keep an index number at the end of the file name. Please put an underscore between the image name and the number. For example, if I wanted to enter the image "DCS_8025 (Custom)", change the DCS or add on for something like this "Sunshine Girls_DCS_8025". Do not include the quotation marks in the file name.

    • Also, if you need assistance in renaming LOTS of files. See the tutorial on Renaming.

  3. Attach images to your email program. Please attach all images for a given month in one email along with the titles for your printed images. You can send up to three digital files and three print titles for the month. Please put the month of the contest in the email title with your name and category. i.e. "June Photo Contest, Your Name, Novice"

  4. Please include your level, Novice or Advanced, each month. Please include this in the body of your email along with the titles in the body of your email. This may seem repetitious, but when you are dealing with a dozen emails and dozens of entries, every little bit helps.

  5. Wait for an email response. When your images received, Gmail will send out an automatic email to confirm receipt. If you send your email the week before Contest Monday, then you will have plenty of time to track down any challenges with your images not being received. If you do NOT receive an email response it could be in your junk mail folder. Also, the system only sends an autoresponse every few days, so if you get one response, and you send another email, you may not get an autoresponse. If you do not get a response, try emailing the club address with out any images.




http://www.smugmug.com/help/print-quality - notice how small a file is necessary to print REALLY big pictures.




FAQ and Explanations:

Why do you need the files to be so small? Well, I have a not-so-high-speed DSL at home. Even at work, with a T3...during the day, it acts more like a dialup. Every time I click on an email folder, the email program, Entourage on my Mac, bogs down big time, in part because of the slow connection. So, it would be really helpful if you all could please resize the files. Please do not send original full size files...or worse...edited files where you have set the compression quality to Extremely High (like 12 in Photoshop, etc.). They just donít need to be 5mb. Take a look at Print-Quality and you will see that it actually takes very little to make an 8x10. Now, if we go zooming in to 1600%, sure, the large image size would be nice, but 95% of the time that isn't necessary. The actual screen resolution of the projector is 1280x1024 so anything higher than that is not going to show up when we just view the files during the normal part of the competition. I understand not wanting to resize your originals...which is why I recommend such a marvelous program as XP Resizer so you can resize the original outputting a duplicate file to send to me. It would actually make sense to prepare the files for both BCC and GSCCC at the same time...but GSCCC requirements are a little TOO strict. But it is not the 300k file size that is the problem...it is that they require the image size to be 1024x768 or smaller! BTW, if you want to prepare your file for GSCCC, here are the guidelines.


Why do I need to send all of the files in one email? It is easier to send them one at a time so I don't get confused. Easier on you but harder on me. If 10-20 people send me three emails, then I have a minimum of 30 emails...and then the person who just sends ONE email gets lost in all of the emails (so far 3-4 people's entries have gotten lost in the shuffle...which is why I am writing this). So, it would be really helpful if you ALL could send all three files in one (1) email. Of course...you don't HAVE to send three...that is just the maximum.


Why is the file name so important? Part of the reason is that I actually click ON your file to copy the file name (Ctrl + C), and then paste (Ctrl + V) into the Entry Tracker. This is so I get it exactly like you entered it. Having the file name typed out in the email helps to double check that you sent what you meant. Generally, most contest submissions go very smoothly. But occasionally, one entry is named wrong...or something...and it can end up taking a lot of time trying to piece together.


Why do I have to indicate level every month? I may not know that you have been promoted...and just to make sure I don't make any mistakes, it is best to indicate your level in the email.

Why can't I send the images Monday afternoon? I may not get to finalizing the entries until late Sunday...or even Monday, but I budget how much time I need to get everything together, printed, and ideally off to Dwain so he can put his stuff together. Mondays are usually pretty crazy because I am trying to get my stuff together, for both work and for the contest (prints and digital). I try to enter 3 in both categories myself...and try to hand all of the digital files for all of you. Every three weeks, grades are due at 7:00 am on Monday morning, which means I am usually grading all weekend. Throw in the usual weekend wedding event...and it gets a little crazy. I am probably not going to get all of the files organized until Monday...but I need to know what I am up against during the weekend. Also, there isn't enough time to email me again if you don't hear back from me right away...and I MAY not be able to reply right away during the weekend...as sometimes I actually do step away from the computer. :)



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