AutoText and AutoCorrection in MS Word


Note: Most of this page applies to MSWord. Even thought we do not use MS Word (as of 2012-13), the benefits of AutoText does apply to numerous programs and desktop publishing in general.



AutoCorrection Default Corrections – Common mistakes are corrected after you hit the space bar.


Teh i  =  The I

HAve  = Have


AutoText – Start type part of the word and hit return (enter) when the word appears.

Wedn = Wednesday

Febr = February




AutoText - will also give us special characters.


We need it to do the copyright symbol.


(c) = ©.

©2010. DLok Productions


:) =  J  (supposed to be smiley face) I fixed my computer to give what the older version of this program gave... like this…☺



® © ™  December

®  Superstar™





AutoText – Things I have Added to make frequently type text appear automatically.


WB = West Brook HS

BISD = Beaumont Independent School District

PDP = Print Display Project

CG = Comm Graphics

TSA = Technology Students Assoc.

DL = Drew Loker






© ™ ®




© ™   Nikon™   Toys®

©2010. Valentines Day Production.



Valentines Day 


©2010. Loker Productions.




Character Map can help you with special characters.







In the Character Map, we can also determine if it has an Alt Keystroke, such as Alt+0169 for ©.


Or, for ± it is alt+0177.

To do this, hold down the ALT key while typing the numbers.


In the case of the ©, you could also type Alt + Ctrl + C. Both of these work in the Word Art.







Fortunately, MS Word has a Symbol Insert Pallet built in.


If you learn the Alt Keystroke, you can learn to type in foreign languages very quickly.





       look to the far right  -->             







You can train your computer by clicking on the AutoCorrect button in the lower left corner of the Word Symbol Dialog Box.


To get to this:

Click the Office Start Button, then, "Word Options", then "Proofing". Click AutoCorrect.



Simply type in the replace box, then change WITH to Plain text and type what should be automatically filled in.


NOTE: Word 2007 will not generate a smiley face as previous versions. If you want to "fix" this, you can copy a smiley face from Windows Character Map...and replace the "Island" it in the AutoCorrect dialog box of Word 2007.