Overview of the Phases of the Project

  1. Answer Questions on the Outline
  2. Turn the questions into a 5+ paragraph story about yourself
  3. Type into Google Docs at home or in class.
  4. "Make a copy" of your TEXT autobiography to include pictures.
    1. In the copy, insert 3-4 pictures to go along with your autobiography. Pictures should include the ROLL picture I took, and 2-3 others of your choice that support your story.
  5. Check list for Format to Prep for Publishing/Sharing
  6. Share to submit for grading.


1. Autobiographical Outline Questions

Use this sheet to work out your OUTLINE of ideas to discuss. After you have answered the questions on this form, write out a 3-5 paragraph Autobiography using the answers from these questions to tell your story about yourself.

From the answers below, you will write an autobiographical letter. Write NEATLY with correct grammar/spelling. Must be at least one page.

(1) Yourself

(2) Your family

(3) Your friends

(4) Your school life.
a) Share what grade you are in and what activities you have already or will participate in, and how High School has been so far. If you are a 9th Grader, what is like to be arriving so far? Etc.

b) What are you looking forward to in and/or out of school? Etc.

(5) Your interests & hobbies

(6) How do you see yourself in relation to all of the above? (in relation to your friends, family and school)?

(7) Describe any unusual events in your past.

(8) What are your goals in life? And what responsibilities do you feel you have to yourself, family and others?

(9) Where (position, location, career, etc.) would you like to see yourself in the next 10-15 years (ie. by age 30)?

(10) How has imagery affected you specifically in your life...shaped who you are, etc.?


2. AutoBiography Rough Draft

3. After you have completed your rough draft, you will then type it into Google Docs.

4. Make a copy of the Autobiography to insert your pictures.

5. Checklist for Autobiography to Prep for Publishing

Check list of items to check for before getting an ok to uploading: This step has to be done in the room here, using MS Word. Although you can insert pictures while it is initially in Google Docs, it is more difficult to manipulate the pictures and the over all layout.

Some sample screen shots to help with the formatting.

6. Publish & Share in Google Docs

Alternatives to using FaceBook for pictures:

If you created your Autobiography in a offline word processing program (MSWord) and you want to upload it to Google Drive: