You must be present to win! Absences affect it is NOT just about you missing class.


It is essential that you are present in class 100% of the time. I realize there are many things pulling at you for your attention, but I need you to make a commitment to being here, in this classroom, everyday.


And I will do the same. I have only missed 1.5 days total, other than for school activities, in 13+ years...and I expect the same of you.


Absences due to extra curricular activity, illness, or SAC are all about the same as far as missing work in this class. We only do a little of work outside of class, but we do a lot of work in class every day . You can count on missing something on any day you are absent.


If you are an in a school activity that is going to take you out of class, like your group leaves at 12:30, it is expected (and usually understood by the other teacher) that you get to this class during another of my classes while you are on campus.




Stay out of trouble. SAC is a complete waste of time as the activity I will give you to do in sac will count toward your grade, but you will still fall behind on the class projects that will still be required. They have a computer in the SAC room, but it will not get on the internet, which you would need to access my website. And, you can't take the darkroom with you to, stay out of trouble!!


Schedule Doctors appointments after school. Seriously...I changed doctors because they wouldn't see me after 2:30. They didn't understand that I wasn't going to skip school and wouldn't see me later, so I switched. I know that may not be possible if you have to see a specialist, and that it might take an extra effort on you or your parents part to not miss school, but I think it is worth it. And if you have to go to the doctor during the day, go during a class that is easier to make up. With this class being 90% activity based IN the class, it is very difficult to make up missed time.


If you know you are going to be absent ahead of time, check the website BEFORE you are is usually close to being accurate even before the day of class.


If you are absent due to an emergency, check the website the day you are absent. Get to a computer if you don't have one at home...or borrow somebody's iPhone/Smart Phone. My site is 99% iOS/Android friendly... . Once again, if you are MUST check the Focus before returning to class.


Once again...if you are absent, you MUST check the focus webpage prior to returning to class, preferably the DAY you are absent. But, if you KNOW you are going to be absent, particularly for a school event or activity (field trip, sporting event, etc.) then you MUST check the Focus website PRIOR to the day of your absence. Most athletes know their sporting schedule months in advance. There is NO excuse for not being prepared on the day of your return. But even for last minute absences, because of the very thorough website, and availability even if from a cell phone (most class webpages are very simple text), you are expected to walk into class prepared upon the day of your return even if home work is announced the day before. However, most assignments, and even take home tests are given out at least two days before they due.


I wish I had a proper incentive to reward those that do come to class every day. All I can offer is that the rewards that await those who establish good discipline now are much greater than any certificate or token award.


So, be here!


And, when you are here to participate.