ATPI Winter Conference


ATPI 2015-16


ATPI 2015-16 West Brook Photography Team (from left to right): Naomi G., Jason B., Azlyn G, Paige L., Kathryn Baldauf (former student), Drew Loker (Instructor), and Judyth M.


West Brook photography students traveled to Austin for the ATPI Winter Conference where they placed in multiple contest out of 25 schools and over 400 students.

Our Bruins participated in teams and individual contests with the following awards.

School Portfolio - 2nd Place - Jason Bonura, Azlyn Grant, Paige Lucas and Judyth Magana - The contest consisted of 4 images, one from each student, with a theme this year of Connected. This is a prestigious award and a very commendable performance with strong conceptual images.

BIG 72 Video Contest - Honorable Mention - - Azlyn Grant, Naomi Griffis, Paige Lucas, and Judyth Magan. Students had 72 to hours from topic assignment at 9pm on Thursday, to plan, film and edit a 3 minute production quality video.

Azlyn Grant - placed 2nd in Digital Image

Judyth Magana - 2nd in Cropped, Honorable Mention in Picture Package

Cropped is a unique contest with 4 levels. 64 Contestants each entered an image. The theme this year was “eye level”. Judyth’s first round, the image from inside the turtle’s tank, got her to the 2nd round, as the field was cropped down to 32. She survived two more rounds, to 16, then 8, and then was placed 2nd from the final grouping with the additional images below.



Picture Package - 3 Similarly Themed Photos



Specific Details

Only 5 students are going on the Austin Year. Currently, this includes mostly 3rd and/or 4th year students. Outside of 4th years, there are 3 spots. Unfortunately, the criteria for picking is going to be pretty selective.



General Details

Final plans are made during January for the ATPI Annual Winter Conference (Association of Texas Photography Instructors) the 2nd weekend in February located in Austin, Tx. It will be necessary to miss school on that Friday as we will be departing at approximating 5:00 am, returning around 1000 pm on Saturday.


There is LITTLE if any cost to the student to attend other than a little extra food money. The district is paying for the transportation and the hotel rooms and even providing a food allowance of approximately $54 that will be given out on Wednesday after school during a brief meeting.


If for ANY reason, you foresee a challenge that the student will NOT be able to attend and may have to drop out at the last minute, please let me know ASAP so that an alternate can be selected. If you have been listed as an alternate, please be prepared to go up to the last minute.


Agreeing to attend is agreeing to not only COMPETE but also attend the various workshop classes, two of which have been specifically prearranged AND prepaid for the student to attend. Please review the website periodically for details as they are posted. Students will need to prepare/practice in advance of the competition for their particular area.


Please confirm the ability to still attend. Please also let me know of any additional parents wishing to attend as chaperones to determine transportation and room accommodations that will be necessary, or may become necessary at the last minute. * If you have changed your mind about attending…I must know immediately to allow somebody else to go in your place.


Two separate permission slips (one for BISD and one for ATPI) will be sent home the week before the conference. Please return the permission forms without fail on TUESDAY, 2/16/16.



ATPI 2014-15


ATPI 2014-15 West Brook Photography Team (from left to right): Drew Loker, Colby K., Azlyn G, Kathryn B, John Isaac, Paige L, Judyth M. Rounaq P., Emily N., Jason B. and Tori L.


Colby K

Digital Image- Best of Show

School Portfolio- Best of Show


Paige L

Environmental Portrait- Best of Show

School Portfolio- Best of Show

B.I.G. 72- First Place


Kathryn B

School Portfolio- Best of Show

B.I.G. 72- First Place


Judyth M

School Portfolio- Best of Show



ATPI 2013-14


ATPI 2014 West Brook Photography Team (from left to right):

Nathan B, Paige L, Will S, Kathryn B, Claire C, Drew Loker, Colby K. (not pictured - Kayla M)


Winners List -



ATPI 2012-13




ATPI 2011-12







Amneh, Will, Alex and Lionel: IN

Please choose your classes here:


Eric, Nikki and are currently listed as Alternates. Please keep the weekend open should I need a replacement at the last minute. Please let me know if you no longer want to be listed as an alternate. I thank you advance for your patience. 1-2 alternates have been able to go almost every year at the last minute.




ATPI 2010-11



B.I.G. 72 Video Contest

1st Place – Kenyon B, Kris H, Rachael R, Dorian W


Short Shots Video (Team)

2nd Place - Kenyon B & Storm D


Music Video (Team)

1st Place - Kris H & Rachael R

2nd Place - Miguel P & Gabby T


Digital Imaging

1st Place – Abstract - Claudia P

1st Place – Still Life – Dorian W


Digital Editing

3rd Place - Kris H


School Portfolio (Team)

HM – Avni P, Gabby T, Dorian W, Andre W


3rd Floor Photo Shot Out

2nd Place Digital Color – Andre W

HM Digital Color – Andre W

1st Place Photojournalism – Black & White – Kris H

2nd Place Photojournalism – Black & White – Kris H

3rd Place Photojournalism – Black & White – Kris H

HM First Year Only Open Division, Color – Leah H


Faculty Digital Architecture

3rd Place – Drew L








ATPI 2009-10



Every year we have improved a little...with this year as no exception. We improved in every category of the On-Site Contests. The only areas we did not do as well this year were the carry in Self Portrait and 3rd Floor, so we will be looking at those areas for 2011.

2010 Contest Winners
View Winners Here (coming soon)

Color Print/Architecture
First - Cody Alder - West Brook HS

Color Print/Lines
Second - Gladys Elias - West Brook HS

Color Print/Motion
First - Kris Haro - West Brook HS

Color Print/People
Second - Cody Alder - West Brook HS

Digital Editing
First - Angelique Ladd - West Brook HS

Digital Print/Architecture
Third - Anna Fazio - West Brook HS

Digital Print/Blue
no WB...and nobody was even awarded a 1, 2 or 3.

Digital Print/People

Digital Print/Star

Faculty Environmental Self Portrait
Second - Drew Loker - West Brook HS

Environmental Self Portrait
No WB...which was odd, especially since this is one of the few divisions that allows multiple 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. (18 total winners in this division)

Faculty Digital Self Portrait
First - Drew Loker - West Brook HS

Faculty Digital Conference

Scavenger Hunt (team)

School Portfolio (team)
First - Dorian Williams - West Brook HS
First - Janet Gabrysch - West Brook HS
First - Gabby Truax - West Brook HS
First - Cristina Sifuentes - West Brook HS

Music Video (team)
First - Devyn Thompson - West Brook HS
First - Angelique Ladd - West Brook HS
First - Gabby Truax - West Brook

Short Shorts Video (team)
Honorable Mention - Cody Alder - West Brook HS
Honorable Mention - Lino Anunciccion - West Brook HS
Honorable Mention - Rogelio Hernandez - West Brook HS

See the official results here: COMING SOON     Turn on "captions" to see who did what.



ATPI - 1st Year Students -

Thank you all for submitting your images. It was VERY tough to decide...and I consider you all alternates incase something happens to more than one of our planned participants.


Complete your Self Portrait (see details below) to assure you spot on the trip. Self Portrait 8x10 will be due on Jan 28th.

It will need to be mounted the following week.


Alternates...don't count your self out. Do you Self will go to competition with or with out you.

Even if you don't get to go...we'll take your stuff. And out of 12 people...1-2 are surely going to drop at the last minute.


Cody A             - Confirmed in

Cristina S          - Confirmed in

Kris H               - Confirmed in

Anna F              - Confirmed in



Dorian W -         - Thanks to your previous contest entries to TRF and PIEA, you in!



Kaycie H -          - Alternate  

Mallory L -         - Alternate


Do any of the first year photogs have a laptop?



ATPI 2008-09

This year's ATPI rally started out with a bit of a disappointment as I learned in December that Feb 14th, a Saturday Valentine's date, had been booked well over a year ago...before the date for the 2009 Winter Conference had even been set. The 2nd year students didn't let this get them down and started plotting how they might still make the trip even with out me. Thanks to a few key people, including my supervisor, for helping to make this trip still happen. The good news is that I have already blocked off next year's calendar from any potential wedding bookings. So, future Photobums of 2009-2010, mark your calendar now as we'll surge to the leading school at ATPI next year.


Winners Update: Photography Students competed in Arlington this weekend at ATPI. Dylan G received 3rd place in Music Video. Kim W got Best in show for digital print and 3rd place in color print in the category of architecture. Amar G received 1st place in Black and white printing and third place in digital editing. Troy C got honorable mention in 3rd floor digital. Gabby T received honorable mention in color print for the category of "blue" and 3rd place in color print for the category "abstract". Lastly, Lauren S got 1st place in color print for the abstract category, 2nd in color print for the blue category and 1st in digital print for the Valentines Day category.


Slide show of winners and their pictures.



See the official results here: Turn on "captions" to see who did what.



1st Place in Darkroom Printing Speeds Amar G.




ATPI 2007-08   -  Winners   -  Random Shots from the weekend from various photographers - list of the winners



Before ATPI

After ATPI


This past weekend, West Brook Photography Students participated in various contests at the Association of Texas Photography Instructors conference in Arlington, Texas. The following students received awards in the carry-in and on-site contests:

Senior Kristen Warner - 1st in Environmental Self-Portrait
Senior Lucia Babar - 3rd in Environmental Self-Portrait
Senior Janell Regaldo - 1st in Team Music Video, 3rd in Advanced Academic Test
Senior Jessica Coward - 1st in Team Music Video, 2nd in People/Portrait
Senior Magen Hipsley - 1st in Team Music Video, Honorable Mention in Photojournalism
Sophomore Angelique Ladd - 2nd in Color Print Cold/Wet
Sophomore Macy Riggs - 1st in Digital Editing / Honorable Mention Open-Color
Junior Jessica Rone - 2nd in Digital Image

In addition to the student contests, the faculty participated as well. West Brook Photography Instructor, Drew Loker, received 2nd in Faculty Digital Cold and 2nd in Faculty Digital People.

Congratulations to all Students who participated.











ATPI - 1st Year Students -

Complete your Self Portrait (see details below) to assure you spot on the trip. Self Portrait 8x10 will be do on Feb 8th.

It will need to be mounted the following week.


Alternates...don't count your self out. Do you Self will go to competition with or with out you.

Even if you don't get to go...we'll take your stuff. And out of 12 people...1-2 are surely going to drop at the last minute.



Self Portrait Contest: Start shooting can enter the contest even if you don't go. All Photo II students must submit a self portrait. If you shot something last year...shoot something new for this year.  Samples of Self Portrait. Official contest detail:


Third Floor Photographic Society Annual High School Shoot-Out - 6 entries required of all Comm II...previous work ok.



VIDEO TEAM??? We are going to need at least one team to buckle down and learn some quick video editing. In the past, we have always been in the 2nd semester and into video for a month and half. This is going to put us in a bit of a bind with the 2nd semester starting so late.





ATPI 2006-07

The West Brook Photography Department would like to recognize and congratulate the students who competed and placed this past weekend at the ATPI Photo Competition in Austin, Texas.


Sophomore Jessica R. received an Honorable Mention in the On-Site People category of Digital Printing.


Junior Janell R. received a First Place in Black and White Printing and an honorable mention in an A & M Commerce General Photography Contest.


Seniors Danielle K. and Larielle B. received a Third Place in an On-Site Music Video Competition.


Juniors Deiter G. and Greg T. and Senior Jack N. received an Honorable Mention in the same Music Video Competition.


Seniors Evan R. and Danielle K., Junior Janell R., and Sophomore Victoria M. beat out six other schools for the First Place Trophy in Quiz Bowl, an intense review of photographic knowledge.


Congratulations to our West Brook Photography Team who completely owned!

And a special thanks to Drew (Mom) Loker for being such an awesome, and quite special, Photography coach.


Well done Shutterbugs!!!! (DL)



A note from the Conference Chairperson for 2006-07:

We are very pleased to let you know that our Keynote Speaker this year
will be David Hume Kennerly - - a Pulitzer
prize-winning photographer who was the official White House photographer
under President Gerald Ford. He comes to us courtesy of Canon's
Explorer of Light program.

Because of his schedule, our keynote will be on Friday night at 7:30
p.m., rather than Saturday night. This one part of our conference is
free and open to the public, so if you have other guests that you'd
like to invite, please feel free to do so.


Please start talking to your students now about the importance of
attending the hands-on classes for which they've registered. Because
we try to keep these classes small, if several students decide to
leave early, it looks very bad for the professionals we've asked
to donate their time to come teach.



ATPI 1st Year Selection Results: Thank you all for participating. There were a total of 9 people who came through with images, all of which were excellent images. At this point, there is only 1 definite open position and possible room for one alternate to travel with us. After presenting your images and statements, a discussion and a round of voting from my 2nd year students, here are the following results:

Jessica R. was picked as the primary selection...and Victoria M. as the primary alternate.

Jessica C, Kameron, Addie, Lindsey, Shayne and Carlos...All of you will be considered alternates...and are encouraged to attend the after school meeting and prepare a Self Portrait which will be helpful in making any last minute decisions. Please save the date...and talk to your parents about possibly going to Austin for a school sponsored competition and get the permission slip in.



ATPI Quiz Bowl Contest - Start studying today!!!



However, each student is required to pay their own registration fee for the conference ($25) and their contest fees ($10 per individual contest, $25 per team divided by the team) for a total of less than $50. If the student wishes, the money from the food allowance can be used to pay for the Registration Fees. I don’t know why the district didn’t pay for the registration, and NOT the food, as that would have been easier, but it should work out about the same either way with. Regardless, the Registration will need to be paid on Thursday.