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Photo III+ see, you specific Objectives here as well as noting any specific notes below

Semesters      1        2   

Keep up and/or work ahead with each Focus Period projects. [See Assignments to see what will be due by the end of the Focus and/or Grade Period. PLEASE BE ADVISED that there are numerous references with in the Focus and assignment pages to "6 Weeks". Focus 1-6 are still roughly broken into 6 week periods. Grade Periods may overlap the Focus Periods. So, pay close attention to the assignment page to determine what is due and and when. Although I do not require ToDo list, you should develop and maintain one if you want to get will help. BE ADVISED I will not accept late work beyond a Focus Period. Once the FOCUS has rolled over to the next Focus Period, grades due for that Focus will not be accepted after 1 week. Also, if an assignment is LATE, extra work will need to be done to earn your late grade.]

1st Semester

Focus 1

  • Special Topic #1 Topic Selection and Proposal - See assignment page and more details below. Topic selection due by first Friday of each 6 weeks.  Proposal due by end of 2nd weeks of 6 weeks. 100 points.

  • Film shooting and Darkroom Printing - Topic: Contrast (Effective Black and White) This will be DUE in the 2nd GP, but we will start preparation in the 1st GP. 300 points. Photo Composition - Start shooting ASAP. Be sure to complete a shooting log while shooting your roll of film. Process film as time permits initially. Final Printed 8x10 due in time for ATPI Fall Contest in Mid October. You may use a Pentax ZX-M for other shootings. Please read the Review Sheet before requesting to use a ZX-M camera! It has a Depth of Field Preview button which is pretty cool...lots of basic cameras today do not have this. And something we are going to shoot for with the DSLRs.** Shooting for Depth of Field assignment is digital.

  • Current Events - Shoot 3 events in the Fall. Gallery of 24 pictures due for each to Google Photo Gallery Repeats again in the Spring so plan your events now. Shoot AHEAD of time. Shoot extras.

  • Depth of Field - Review DOF Shooting Assignment (shooting on your own time) - Start developing a Web Gallery for "Depth of Field" - Lecture forthcoming, but you can review the presentation now - Depth of Field Presentation

  • Special Topic #1  Proof of shooting due by the 3rd Friday in time for Progress Reports. Mounted 8x10 for topic due by the 5th Friday of each 6 weeks. Topics will be presented the following week. Volunteers will be taken first, then random drawing.

  • Focus - Each day, complete the focus. Work on outside of class to allow time for extra darkroom printing (fall) or digital darkroom (spring) work. See Focus for actual due dates. 300 points.

  • Focus 1 Quiz

  • Contests - Entries in EACH contest is required! All contest entries must be mounted...unless otherwise noted (digital contest entries). Note: Entries may NOT be back in time or may be returned damaged and there for unavailable for mailing to another contest...please plan ahead. Use this special Print Tracker to plan your entries.

  • Winnie Texas Rice Festival (Due: MID September). Shooting should already be underway. POL Gallery will be due by Wed of the second week of school. You will be able to use some older pictures...but you have at least three NEW pictures due for TRF. So, start shooting, and start printing up 8x10s. Requirements: 5 Images, three new. 5 = 95. 6+ = 100. No rice = -10. You must enter one into each category before you can duplicate: Rice (ANYTHING pertaining to rice or rice production), Open, Family Living (Should be families living or interacting with each other, NOT staged family portraits.), Black & White and Wildlife & Nature. You may enter more (if your older stuff is of good quality). New is described as having been taken since June 1st of this year and not have been turned in for other assignments. This deadline MUST not be missed or you are likely to FAIL the 1st 6 weeks as once the deadline has passed, your assignment can not be turned in. Entry is required into ALL contests.

    Reflections - Due: Focus 2 (~3rd week of October) - Photo 3+ Video Required...use Reflections theme.

    ATPI Fall Contest - Due: Focus 2 (~3rd week of October)...but start PLANNING and SHOOTING NOW! Five entries minimum required. Three photos, minimum, must be new...previous work CAN be used for the additional required entries. One must be a DCI and can come from last year, but you should work on new examples as time permits. One must be a darkroom printed B&W (it can be from last year IF you have a print worthy of a contest entry). The other entries will be submitted electronically. Send more than required. Winning entries are placed on ATPI poster! Look around the room to see samples of what the judges look for in a picture. Send in your best stuff!! Only $1 per entry. Notice the categories...Print, Digital AND Video. Photo 3+ Video Required...use Reflections theme.

  • Fall Photo Display Assignment - Final Due date is May - Google Photo galleries for Nature, Wildlife, and Nighttime (we'll get some of these together hopefully over the next few months but be shooting for this on your own as well with friends from class.)

  • Video #1 - Photo Story

  • Computer Projects

Focus 2

Due later...but should be in progress

  • Google Photo Gallery Check - Basic Setup of folders with at least some images in each folder. See Online Gallery. You ended Comm I with 19+, so you should have at least 30+. Your gallery MUST be organized so that all Dated galleries appear at the top, and all THEMED galleries appear at the bottom in roughly alphabetical order.
  • Minimum Galleries NEW (you will have many MORE from the many you created last year). Galleries should have more than 1-2 images. I don't want to put an exact minimum of images, but the general guideline is to only create a gallery if you intend to put more pictures in it. VERY IMPORTANT - Keep the number of images to a minimum. Do not upload every DOF or Flash picture you take. Cull them down to a selection to represent your best work. If you do include a bad example for a specific reason, be sure to note it in the caption.
  • CE 1, 2, & 3 (extras as appropriate) - be sure they are NAMED correctly.         "2014-12-01 Christmas Lighting CE3"      Not like this -> 12-01-2013
  • Special Topics 1, 2, & 3
  • Deviations (complete tutorials) - should have approximate 4...1 from last year, 3 for this year.
  • Depth of Field - Deep when SHALLOW would have prevailed. Effective SHALLOW when DEEP would prevail.
  • Flash - Samples of Fill, Multi, and Slow Curtain Sync, etc. (see below)
  • Special Fall Semester Topics: Wildlife, Scenic, Night - Fall Special Themed Project...indicate with a FT at the beginning of the gallery name.
  • Photos collected for your Photostory           2015-08 thru 12 or a more specific date if it applies.
  • TRF Galleries for the 5 topics shot during the summer. CONSOLIDATED into ONE gallery for 2015 (3rd and 4th, please make sure you got this done for previous years. Part of the gallery check is that you are maintaining your PW Gallery...make it neat, update as necessary, etc.).
  • Other (People, Children, Sports, Darkroom scans, etc.)
  • Darkroom Prints Digitized - Gallery of images shot with a digital camera and upload. Include pictures from 1st year. Crop and improve in Picasa and Upload. You should have approximately 11 images in this gallery (6 for last year, 5 for this year)
  • Computer Projects (including your new publishing Project)

Focus 3

  1. Slow Shutter Sync with light

  2. Double Exposure from Multiple flash bursts

  3. High speed (like a water drop)

  4. Black background subject isolation - subject shot against a black background with maximum shutter sync speed at low iso so that only the subject is only illuminated from the flash.

  5. Fill flash outdoors

3rd Floor - Entries due in the 4th GP.


ATPI - Feb...JUST around the corner. - Optional to TRAVEL (mainly 3rd+ year students), but EVERYBODY submits to the "Carry In Contest: Self Portrait"

Third Floor

Self Portrait - Due late January. Be shooting your self now so you have plenty to choose from. (must be in taken CURRENT SCHOOL YEAR) Start shooting your self NOW!!! (not literally of course) You need to enter more than one. $1. per entry. 3+ = 100, 2 = 95, 1 = 65. I would like to see one traditional, one CGI.

Progress Report:

  • Survey 12, 13, and 14
  • ST Prop
  • PicasaWeb Gallery (Flash Gallery Setup, initial images)
  • Publishing Project - send receipt to email. Place finished work in Photoshop Class Projects gallery online.
  • CE3
  • Photo 3+ - Animation in PicasaWeb Gallery



2nd Semester

Focus 4


ATPI - February

Self Portrait - 2 Self Portrait minimum for ATPI...DIGITAL FILEs. 50 cent Entry Fee. Official contest detail:  (Everybody enters...even if you are NOT traveling to ATPI.) Must be in taken CURRENT SCHOOL YEAR. Start shooting your self ASAP and frequently!!! (not literally of course) You need to enter more than one. $0.50 per entry. 3+ = 100, 2 = 95, 1 = 65. I would like to see one traditional and one CGI as a minimum. Spend some time thinking about this. Study other peoples work.


Focus 5



Focus 6


  • Rising Star - See 5th GP for more info
  • Focus 6 - Complete Modules - start with Mod 38, where every you left off, and complete one to two per day. You are done with the Focus when you are done with the Modules. In lieu of the Modules, you may elect to subscribe to a Videomaker Magazine with the discount I have arranged for you. You will get a 100 for the Focus (x3) as well as a 100 CE6 (x2...for 500 points total).
  • CE6 or alternative work - BEFORE 3rd wk of 6 weeks. - Mall "Booth" time will count toward this grade.
  • No ST  : )   - Can I get a YEAH???
  • Participation Grade - As we end the year, there are many activities which need all of our assistance and cooperation to make happen. So, in lieu of the ST 6 weeks project, class participation will be a grade as a part of your Focus. Most of you all have done a great job of stepping up to the challenge of our rivals...oh, wait, that is a song. Seriously. Generally, all of my 2nd+ year students do a great job up to this point. The next few weeks are very important to me and this program in pulling off the EOY Contest and Winners Display (library). And at a time when it is natural to start slacking off, I need you all to rise again, once help yourself and others get the recognition you all deserve. And, if your grade doesn't matter to you...then do it because I need you to. Ok?
  • EOYC WB Annual - End Of Year Contest - Entries due by April 28, 2016. Grade is based on unique divisions - 8=95, 7=90, 6=85, 5=80, 4=75. Req 1 video (either V2 or V3), 1 darkroom print (mounted) and 2 CGG/DCI. Only a FEW works days remain. Please plan to come in during some of your other classes. PLEASE NO OTHER GUESTS. Please come in to work. Entry fee is 50 cents per entry.
  • The Photo Finale - 5 Entries Minimum - email submission. No more than one per category unless you exceed the RME. Due by 4pm, 2nd week, May 9, 2014. 50 cents an entry has been the amount in the past. I will confirm this as soon as I can...the past couple of years this has NOT be run due to the host school opting to not offer the contest.
  • Video 3 - Final Edit - May 1st if it is to be your contest entry. Otherwise, May 7th.
  • Video 4 - Shooting MUST be complete by the end of the 2nd week of the 6th GP, May 1st. Really, it should be done before this to allow adequate time to be EDITED and EXPORTED to be incorporated into the DVD.
  • DVD - Movie Style DVD production with Sub Menus and Extras with DVD Case. Include: Video 1, Video 2, Photostory, Extra, etc. -
  • DVD Cover - Design the cover for the DVD case. See Video Production page for more layout details including dimensions.
  • Online Galleries - Last check. 40 Minimum Galleries. Make them look good by choosing good representative images for each gallery. Continue managing your Online Gallery at PicasaWeb even after school is out. It is a GREAT way to show case your work, regardless of what social up and coming app/website comes along over the next decade. I am pretty sure Google will stand the test of time, unlike Facebook, etc.
  • Final Exam Pt 1 Review Sheet is online. You can print it at home if you really want a paper copy.

Class Notes: