Appropriate Images


Pictures/Videos/Graphics can NOT be of and/or portray alcohol, tobacco, drugs, tattoos, graffiti, violent actions or other unacceptable subjects/topics. The litmus test is "would Mr. Daniels approve of the picture?"


The general rule of "would your parents approve of your picture" may not apply, as not all parents have the same value system.


You MUST shoot pictures that are appropriate for the AVERAGE, CONSERVATIVE PARENT (or teacher).


Truly, there are many art forms. But not all art is acceptable to the majority of the people. In high school, you need to shoot what is good for the majority. Later, in college, or on your own, you can explore other art forms.


Mr. Keith Carter is a photography professor at Lamar and an internationally renowned photographer with many published books. He is most known for his work of the stark reality of the East Texas and Southern Louisiana backwoods areas. Some of his work is challenging to the acceptable norm. But, his work is widely regarded as highly artistic. Hopefully you will get to meet him some time. I think he is highly inspirational. He challenges students in ways that I can't.


One year, on a field trip to Lamar, he said a very interesting statement: "If your parents approve of your work when you are in Mr. Loker's class, you are doing the right thing. If your parents approve of your work when you are in my class, you are doing the wrong thing".


The point is, when you are in high school, and in my class, I want you to shoot what is appropriate and acceptable for high school.


It is NOT uncommon to find other confining rules, even in other art arenas. For example, the Beaumont Camera Club limits what is acceptable for it's shows because it considers itself to be a family orientated organization. Therefore, they do not allow nudes (even partial) to be entered in it's shows. This is to quite the dissatisfaction of many in the art community, which has limited the membership to a more conservative base. I know of several.