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Exam Schedule <-- See link. NOTE: For all 2 day tests (tests that start on one day, and finish on the 2nd day), rather than split the test and give the first half on the first day, the entire test will be given during the 2nd day of the testing period. This is nonnegotiable. The alternative is to double the length of the test, and give you half on the first day. I am quite sure you would rather have the shorter, 50 question test.





Teachers if you could please announce to your seniors that I have new scholarships available in my office.







The ExxonMobil Charlton-Pollard Scholarship Committee is now accepting scholarship applications from 2008 High School Graduating Seniors to receive an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Process Operator Technology from the Lamar Institute of Technology.

This scholarship includes tuition, books and a summer job at the ExxonMobil Beaumont Refinery.  Students must have a 2.5 grade point average (GPA) and reside near the Beaumont Refinery.

If you are interested in obtaining a two-year degree in Process Operator Technology from the Lamar Institute of Technology, you are encouraged to sign-up for a tour of the ExxonMobil Refinery and LIT scheduled for Thursday, May 1, 2008, from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.  Please contact your school counselor to register for the tour and for further details regarding the scholarship interview process. 








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Comments about our Students (letters sent to Mr. Daniels): 

Coach Stump,

I don't have a son playing football nor do I even know any players, but I have to tell you how proud I was at the game last Friday.  Our team showed such character and heart.  I watched # 70 limp on that field when he was obviously hurting.  I watched # 12 chomping at the bit when the doctor wouldn't let him go back out (which I am very happy that the doctor held his ground, He could have really been hurt, and I hope he isn't).  After the first play, most players would have been discouraged and given up.  Not the WB Bruins.  They fought even harder.  There is something special about these young men.  You know it's easier when there is plenty of money and resources.  It takes a lot more character to stick it out and do your best when times are hard, and the score is down.  That's what our team has.  Character. 

From a STAR'S mom


• The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids created a
bracelet with the number 1200 on it.  This symbolizes
the number of people who die each day due to smoking.
For more information:



• Everybody knows that smoking and tobacco causes
cancer and heart disease, but here are the early
affects, for instance, yellow teeth, bad breath,
smelly clothing, and difficulty breathing.


Did you know …
• Every singe day nearly 4,400 kids between the ages
12-17 start smoking.



“The F3 Computer Lab across from the Master Teaching Room will NOW be open Tuesday and Thursday mornings

6:30-7:30 a.m. and Monday thru Thursday afternoons 3:00-4:00 p.m.  Any student needing to do Internet research or

 type essays, projects, or reports may use a computer.   Mrs. Thames will offer technical support.” Students coming

to the morning lab will need to get a hall pass from one of their teachers or Mrs. Thames.” 



Did you know …
• A study found that nonsmokers exposed to
environmental smoke were 25% more likely to have
coronary heart diseases compared to nonsmokers not
exposed to smoke.




Did you know …
• A study found that nonsmokers exposed to
environmental smoke were 25% more likely to have
coronary heart diseases compared to nonsmokers not
exposed to smoke.


Did you know . . .
• Smoking causes approximately 3,400 lung cancer
deaths and 22,700-69.600 heart
disease deaths in
second-hand smoking.




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Congrats to Kristen Warner for her 1st place Digitally Constructed Image at a recent state level photography contest. Other award winners include: Haythem Abdelwahab, Joseph Simon, Janell Regaldo, Davilin Hamel and Magen Hipsley. Well done West Brook Photographers!