New students needing a student computer account

      or for those needing a password reset.


If you are new to this campus, or have never used a computer on this campus (with your own special login), you will need to take the following steps.


At the Log In Screen, simply enter your ID. Leave Password blank. The next screen will be an option to establish your password. Leave "Old Password" blank and enter your new password in the next field, then again exactly the same. Be sure to choose a password that you will remember for the duration of your high school career.



If this does not work, please send an email for a request for your account to be set up.


Please submit your name, student ID, desired password (6 characters long) and a) if you need a new account or b) if you are locked out (password reset).


Enter the information in an email to .


Your account may take a few days to setup, so continue using the 008student login for at least today.