West Brook Comm II+ Video Productions, Team and Individual

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Winning Entries at ATPI:


2015 BIG 72 ATPI Video Contest - 1st Place - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbB93W3MUkY






2011 B.I.G. 72 ATPI Video Contest - 1st Place - http://vimeo.com/groups/atpi/videos/19636506

2011 ATPI Winter Conference Music Video - 1st Place - http://vimeo.com/19893139

2011 ATPI Winter Conference Music Video - 2nd Place - http://vimeo.com/19893244

2011 ATPI Winter Conference Short Shots Video - 2nd Place - http://vimeo.com/19893710



I Like Chocolate - by Lino A and Morgan C

Rammstein - Video by Devyn and Angelique.

Go Green or Go Home - Lino A, Gabby T, Fernando M, and Gladys E






BDABBT - by Morgan Moyers and Sara Tobia

Emery - by Jenna Spacek

Grillz - by Jarvis Quach and Julie Canant

Cinabum - by Julie Canant

"One Day, One Night, in Austin"

Team II's Video from ATPI

by Dieter Galvan, Tyler Shelander, and Anthony Pileggi

"Street Spirit"  Team I's Video from ATPI by Morgan Moyers, Sara Tobia, and Francisco  Avila - Winner of the ATPI 2006 Video Contest



Yellow Submarine by Mike Lake & Anna Ruth

Apple Killer by Anthony McFarland

At Last - Anna Ruth & Andrew Ellison

Better Together - Kaleigh Wiggins

"Brand New Colony"  by Clete Philyaw and Christina Masters

"My Immortal" by Anthony McFarland and Ally Harkrider


In Feb 2006, a long time tradition of the Photography class with Macs came to an end. The Powers Above made a decision to pull the plugs on the Macs and replace them with Windoze PCs. Many of the top videos were produced on Macs. For a number of years, while waiting on proper software and hardware, we made do. IN 2013-14, the graphics lab was update with very capable computers running the latest Adobe Premier. Several of the old Macs continued to server students for home check out, and even still as display stations at public shows. Long Live the Mac!