Course Syllabus and SOP Highlights

Course:          Communication Graphics                                                                    Instructor:     George Loker, Lamar University, Career Technology/Vocational and Administration Certification

School:           West Brook HS, Beaumont ISD                                                         Location:        Rm V61




Reading the full Syllabus and SOP is anticipated and expected. You will be signing in next couple of days that you have read over the complete Syllabus/ please review each link in addition to the brief detail below. Class website Same site...just an easier URL pointing to the school website. Alternate backup website at : (in case the school site is down...but this site is not current)



Photographic Concepts & Projects

Camera handling techniques, Photograph processing, Darkroom Techniques: Dodging and Burning, Chemical procedures**: Film Developing, Toning

Photo composition: Fill the Frame, Leading Lines, Framing, Rule of thirds, Photo themes: Near and far, Self expression, Moments with Friends, Three views

Stop Action & Motion Rendition, Portraits, Portraits with Props, Magazine cover. Collages, Toning**. Long Exposure, Other Special Effects, Digital Darkroom (digital cameras), Special Topics**

 Computer Concept & Projects

AppleWorks, Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Premiere**, GoogleDocs: Doc, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Animoto, Prezi


Greeting cards, Calendars, CD Cover, Construction projects, Note Pads, Business Cards**, Poster Design, Web page Creation in the form of Gallery and Portfolio Building, Graphic Art, Computer Generate Graphics (drawings), Brochure layout**, Photo Montages, Photo Text, Poster Design, Presentation Slide Show, Video Production**: Music Video, Video Short, DVD Creation


*Course content will be subject to change and modification as the time and inclination of the class dictates. ** 2nd year.

Please email me if you have any questions. (