Communication Graphics Supply List -

    Some items are needed in the next two weeks. Required photo materials, such as film, darkroom photo paper and commercial photo prints, will be needed during the course of the year. Digital cameras will be used starting in ~8th week of school. Although it is not necessary to have a camera at school for pictures taken during class, it is necessary to have access to a camera at home for home photo assignments. A digital SLR is recommended, however most any 8mp+ digital camera is acceptable. Unfortunately, cell phone cameras are not suitable for class projects. Please review the list below on supplies and equipment needs...or email the instructor for more details or assistance in choosing a camera. A limited number of older, compact digital cameras are available for check out.


Note: A classroom locker will be provided to each student to share with one other student but each student is responsible for their OWN supplies. Having supplies every day is expected. I have included Office Depot product numbers for your convenience, however, the item number is subject to change. If there is any doubt about the item, please send the instructor an email.  Start acquiring items as soon as school starts using the picture reference below, but do NOT bring into class until class locker is assigned. (* Stared Items - to be stored at home after the 1st 6 weeks.) Place your name on all items (using the sharpie...but make it attractive on the binder, like in the inside, as it will be graded based on it's overall appearance). A supply check will be done in the 3rd week of school for all items with a red check mark - . NOTE: A camera is not necessary until the 2nd 6 please wait before purchasing a camera.


Consumable Class Supplies

o     Photo Specific Supplies - DO NOT BUY ON YOUR OWN

Photo Paper For the darkroom, some projects require special silver based paper. Photo paper is only available via mail-order. Because of this, a precise amount will be made available for students to use. Extra photo paper may be purchased for personal preference, or in the event of mistakes or waste. I would not expect a Photo 1 student to need more than $2-3 for extra photo paper. Toward the end of the fall semester, then again 3 times in the spring, students will print a total of 8 - 8x10s photos as a personal portfolio for their keeping. The pictures need to be printed at Walgreens or Sams to be high enough quality to frame and enter competitions and keep or give as gifts at the end of the year. The total cost of these commercial prints may be from $15 to $35. Additional cost my be incurred for excess prints made during class or outside of class, but this would be up to the student and would certainly result in more wonderful prints to keep.

Photo Paper - In the 2nd semester (1st semester for Photo 2+ students), prints will be mounted to display boards. These can be purchased at Hobby Lobby or Michaels, as well as in the classroom at a reduced price.


Supplies/Equipment needed: OD = Office Depot #s. See bottom of page for WalMart Numbers as well as PICTURES of each item. √ items are required.


Photo II+:






Camera Options: Owning your OWN camera, rather than borrowing a camera, will be a great asset now and in the future. Generally, I recommend AGAINST the purchase of a compact P&S digital camera. Due to recent price decreases, a Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) is the best recommendation and value for the money. Search the web for even lower prices than those listed below.


vs.     vs. 


DSLR Camera Recommendation: A DSLR is based on a 35mm film Single Lens Reflex cameras with TTL (Through the lens) optical view finders. These cameras are larger than a pocket P&S (Point and Shoot), but they are WAY, WAY better. Consider this an investment for the entire family as EVERYBODY will benefit. The DSLR may be 2-3x the cost of a P&S, but it is a much better camera. Also, keep in mind that the cheapest, $500 DSLR today is better than my first DSLR in 2002 that cost $2k! As for Nikon vs. Canon, I would first consider if any body in your family/friends has one or the other and get THAT same brand. You may not ever share lenses, but at least will have a resource should you need help with settings. Otherwise, I would recommend the entry level Nikon DSLR over the Canon. And a DSLR is still a much better choice than a Smart Phone for MOST types of photography.


Can't decide on a camera? DSLR vs. P&S? Unfortunately, this is not an easy decision. I have several of both kinds. There are times I use the P&S for exactly what they are...pocket sized cameras. I keep one in the glove box of both cars. But you just can't compare the quality of even the most EXPENSIVE P&S to the CHEAPEST DSLR. Even the cheapest, economy DSLRs is WAY BETTER than the most expensive P&S...with one exception...a P&S can take video clips. In picking a camera for this class...if you think the student or family in general will enjoy taking pictures, buy a DSLR. If a camera is just needed for class, or you want to get something really small and portable, go with the cheapest camera at the store. One thing for sure is to NOT buy a mid-sized P&S. these are the ones that kind of look like a full size DSLR camera, but are still not as good as a DSLR. The problem with these is that they are almost as expensive, and although they boast impressive Optical Zooms, they do not have removable lenses, and utilize EFV (electronic view finders) rather than Optical Viewfinders (DSLRs). Also complicating the decision in 2014 is that a good Smart Phone, iPhone 4s or higher, will be comparable to the entry level P&S



Camera Accessories: Regardless of the camera, don’t forget the CAMERA BAG and a memory card reader (if your computer doesn't have one built in).

·        LowePro Ridge 10  $10 BestBuy SKU – 7184617 This is a small bag for the smallest of P&Ss. It is important to make sure your camera fits…but don’t skip this important detail. And always keep a camera protected, even if a camera is carried in a purse.

·        SD Memory card reader  $16 at Best Buy. SDDR-104 Although most cameras can be connected directly to a computer via a USB cord, it is easier to use a separate card reader like this. This reader will allow the memory card to be brought to school with out bringing the camera to school.



Camera Recommendations for 2016

Due to the pace at which new camera models are released, it is almost impossible to talk about specific cameras. I think it is better to discuss the price points and P&S vs. DSLR, and other basic tips. P&S cameras range from $50 for the cheapest models, usually in a blister pack sold right on the shelf. Even these basic cameras have gotten so good that they can produce decent results. Really, what has happened is that today's $50 camera is yesterdays $100 camera, to a degree. But the fact of the matter is that I don't recommend a traditional P&S at all any more. Smart Phone Cameras (8mp and higher) have just about matched the quality of a P&S. Granted, there is still a LARGE advantage of having an optical zoom, and the ability to control settings (more settings can be controlled on even the most basic P&S than any phone camera), but the inconvenience of carrying around ANOTHER device that is so similar doesn't make much sense. However, a DSLR is still way more capable than a Smart Phone. Both Nikon and Canon make an entry level DSLR that is fantastic option resource to consider for any family or growing photographer.


OLDER cameras - Finding a USED, OLDER camera may be the perfect camera! For example,  3 year old cameras are routinely sold for $200...easily as good as my 2002 DLSR that cost $2,000 new. So, I have left the details from the older recommendations intact.


·        Nikon - D3200 Digital SLR Camera - camera runs $350 as clearance and/or refurb. This is a VERY capable. Do not get less than a D3200 as the camera will not be capable of video.



NON- DSLR Camera recommendations: If SIZE is more important than function...or you need a little less expensive camera, here are a few options:

·        Due to the improvements of cell phones, it is no longer advisable to buy a pocket P&S Digital Camera. They do offer better zooms, and better options than a cell phone, but they are impractical and unlikely to be carried around. A DSLR is a much better solution and will complete a cell phone.








Walmart SKU Numbers (Pictures below) (as of 8/27/2016, subject to change)

View binder - 1/2" white WLJ36313W       or         1" Black  551766473  (Availability varies per store.)

Sharpie Have seen a 2pk and a twin tip in the store, but could only find a 5 pack online for in store pickup..

Paper 150shts  000373951

Sheet protectors, heavy weight, 25 pack.  552245516  (Don't be confused...the HEAVY and the STANDARD look almost identical. NO SIDELOAD and NO ECONOMY varieties...they don't hold up and your prints will get damage.)

Portable Memory -   51708800

Pocket Pad, 4 Pack (or get the Mini Composition Book).



Pictures of items at Walmart (As of 2010. Find nearly identical if exact item is not available).

View binder - Clear pocket on front, Black or White only



Use tape to put your name on the sharpie. Put a wrap of tape around one, then use a sharpie, to sharpie your sharpie. (IOW...NAME ON EVERYTHING.)






Sheet protectors


  Heavy Duty are REQUIRED! Do NOT buy economy sheet protectors. They don't work well (they don't support heavy photo paper inside), and are easily damaged.


Notice the 4 versions that Office Depot stocks:


No need to buy Super heavy.


Portable Memory

Optional. Also, not permitted in all classes but they ARE permitted in here. We primarily use Dropbox to move photos from home to school and viceversa. But, if a person has limited internet access, this is a good resource to have.

Pocket Pad

Optional...ideal if no cell phone.





Please email me if you have any questions.