WB Snap Club


This club is your ONLY club that doesn't actually meet face to face.

Virtual meetings via SnapChat, Twitter and Instagram

Seek out and hook up with fellow West Brook Photographers.


Moto: Define your life's story with pictures, and live a life worth telling a story. We remember what we photograph. So start telling YOUR story through photos. Snap pictures over everything.


Note: This "club" is NOT a correlation to nor does it endorse the SnapChat app. Use what ever app you want, just make sure that a high resolution, unmodified image is captured when shooting pictures. It is generally best to shoot traditional photos in an unfiltered state, then take to special apps for processing, sharing, uploading, etc. The exception to this concept is dedicated apps for special effects, like HDR, Timelapse, etc.


Submit questions to WBPhotoMail@gmail.com 




Potential Future Meetings

Should the club ever group up and decide to do meetings, we will need the following officers to help facilitate. If officers are opposed, a simple election will be held. Participation in club will be included in Photo Patch for Letter Jacket.



By-Laws - Unofficial, pending editing and approval