Communication Graphics I and II, Class Operations & Rules          -

General - IMO, this is an easy class. 50% of former students have earned an A in this class, with a large # of perfect or near perfect grades. And less than 5% have ever failed this class. However, for those who have had trouble in this class, it is usually based on poor attendance and/or poor organization skills. Generally, this class has been a fun class to teach, and students have been great. This is in large part because I have high expectations of you ...and believe that students rise to the level of those expectations. I love what I teach...and think you will too. But, it is important to understand that many of the procedures for this class are governed by school and district policies. The teacher is expected and held accountable that these policies are followed.

Attendance - You must be present to win...and this deserves it's own page. :)  See...   Attendance   


Tardiness - All students must be in the door WHEN the bell rings...and seated within one (1) minute or you will be counted tardy. Campus policy set by the building administration regarding tardiness will be strictly followed. If you earn a pass to leave, I may let you go take care of any business, but you must get here first on time. Students must be out of the facility when the bell for the next class rings as I can not give you an official pass to your next class. You MUST be on time to class. During our faculty meetings, a great deal of pressure is put on us to the point of threatening us with disciplinary action with a formal letter for your teacher's permanent work record for not enforcing the tardy policy.


Proper Attire/Medical Needs - Campus Dress Code will be strictly followed. Violations will be addressed; repeated offenses will be assigned detention and/or referred to the administration. Violations that require detention or a referral to the office will result in a reduced conduct grade. Please adhere to the Campus Dress Code to avoid an unnecessary discipline action. If a student is out of code, it is responsibility of the teacher to correct and is monitored by the teacher’s supervisors. Some medical conditions may limit your access in the lab. If you have open wounds on your hands, please notify the instructor before entering the darkroom. If a student is or becomes pregnant, it is imperative that the school be provided a release from a physician to work with the photographic chemicals. This information will be kept confidential.


Food and Drink items in Facility - Food and drink items are not allowed in the classroom except in special circumstances, and then only in designated areas. This school policy is strictly enforced and includes chewing gum, suckers, lollipops, toothpicks, or straws sticking out of his/her mouth. Dispose of your gum and other food items in the trash can as you enter the class. The 2nd time you are caught with gum, you will be responsible for cleaning up gum from under the desks. Repeated offenses will result in detention, etc. Note: 2009...I have removed 3 mice from the traps last week alone. They will come out during the day if they smell food. Seriously, just moments ago one passed over me in the ceiling. 2011 - Another mice infestation. Please help to keep the room clean.


Extraneous Items in Facility - Leave all unnecessary items in or on top of your locker. Personal care items such as cosmetics, brushes, combs and mirrors, should not be in sight or in use during class time. These items will be confiscated at that time and will be available for pickup after school. Repeated violations will result in the item being kept until the end of the year.


Cell Phones - Unless the teacher instructs otherwise, cell phones MUST be kept OFF during the school day. Do not just put them on silent mode. Your phone is NOT to receive messages during class. The teacher is VERY will be caught. If you are caught with the phone on, even in your bags, the phone will be taken away per district policy. PARENTS – PLEASE ASSIST WITH THE ENFORCEMENT OF THIS POLICY. Please do not text your student during the day…and require the student to keep their phone OFF from 7:20-2:55. Please monitor their cell phone logs if necessary for compliance.


Seating - Your seat will be alphabetical initially. You must sit in your assigned seat at all times. After a period of time, a specific seating chart will be established. Mr. Loker reserves the right to move any student temporarily or permanently for any reason.


Supplies - Please see the Supply Sheet for a complete list of basic supplies. Other special course related items, such as film, photographic paper, and photo mounting supplies will need to be purchased later when and as needed. Some additional photography supplies will be covered with the lab fee. The photo supplies may be purchased via local camera shops or from the teacher. Because of the use of digital cameras, many of the cost previously associated with this class have been reduced or eliminated. Most digital prints will be sent to Walgreens or Walmart via the Internet for local pickup. Although you do not have to pay for any computer prints that are turned in for a grade, you are required to purchase any ink jet prints, or laser computer print outs you use for personal needs, such as duplicate prints, or prints for other classes. The Fall Semester Lab Fee of $10 will include $5 for class consumables and one (1) $5 dollar punch type coupon for purchasing individual materials. The coupon will serve as the receipt for the supplies purchased. For students or parents wishing to use checks, please make checks out to West Brook High School. No checks will be accepted after Spring Break. It is the student’s responsibility to keep up with the coupon as it is the same as cash. The department, nor Mr. Loker, can be responsible for lost or stolen coupons.


    Total expenses for supplies for this course will run less than $75. A fund raider will be offered as an alternative to the lab fee and to offset additional supplies needed during the year. Those who participate in the fund raiser may not have any expenses, as well as qualify for additional prizes and cash bonuses. In addition, some equipment may need to be purchased, such as a camera and memory stick. Although it is hoped that this equipment will be useful outside and after this class is over.


    Because of the classroom locker, you are expected to have your folder, binder and materials with you every day. The binder should be used only for this class. If you take your binder or any other supplies out of the class, be sure they come back. Every day is a work day. Plan and be prepared to work from “bell to bell”.


Proper Behavior for Class - You will be expected to be in your seat ready to work when the bell rings. I will give you a one (1) minute after grace period if you are still getting items out of your locker. But do not take advantage of this grace everyday as you will fall behind the others...and it will become a discipline issue. Remain in your seat until you are given permission to get up. Do not get up just to throw away a piece of trash, however, trash is not to be left under your desk or at your work area, so be sure to clean up at the end of class. Under no circumstance is any student to go into the lab, storeroom, storage areas, open any storage doors or file cabinet drawers (including Mr. Loker’s desks), even if unlocked, or to disturb any teaching materials in the room (marker board & bulletin boards included) without permission. Do not go through other students’ lockers, papers, photographs, or other belongings.


    Do not remove your assignments from Mr. Loker’s area until he returns it to you. You may collect your work from the “Return” slot when appropriate. Failure to work everyday will result in disciplinary measures and your conduct being reduced. Since you have a classroom locker, you will be expected to have your supplies including pen, pencil, folder and paper with you so that you are prepared every day so that you will be ready for lecture notes, which will not always be announced, or tests. Mr. Loker does not provide these supplies, and you will not be allowed to leave the room to go get them from your school locker. If you have to leave, you will be assigned detention for that afternoon.


    When you are not working in the lab, you are to remain in your seat; you are not to wander about the room to visit with others. If you feel your work is complete, you are expected to work up additional and more advanced examples. Mr. Loker, or the bell ringing, will dismiss class. You are not to get up and start making your way toward the door or your locker before the bell rings. If you need to return items to your class locker, you are expected to do so and return to your seat before the bell rings.


    When there is a sub, you are NOT to ask to leave. Subs are not supposed to let you leave, period. You KNOW I don't let you don't ask the sub.


Proper Participation in Class - I have two expectations of you.

1)       To participate, explore, be a problem solver, strive to answer questions with the resources you have, do more than is expected. Photography and Computer Graphic Design is an ART...there is NO, “I am DONE”...only stages of progress. If you finish a project quickly, you will be expected to produce another sample...until the class is ready to move on.

2)       Help others accomplish their objectives. By all means, continue development of your own work...but if you are moving ahead quicker than your neighbor(s), help them. There are many of you...and one of me. Please be good stewards of our learning environment. Be an asset to the class...not a liability. Working together we will accomplish great things and have a great year.


Rest room policy and leaving the classroom - Using the rest room during class is generally not allowed...don’t ask. Take care of your business BEFORE you get to class. There is a restroom in the front of the ROTC room next door. Do not report to class first...then ask...just go...but don't be late. This applies when there is a NOT ask the SUB to leave. If an emergency or another teacher requires you to leave the room, you may be required to make the time up THAT AFTERNOON!


Proper Lab work - No student is allowed in the work areas if it is not his assigned day. The work areas are laboratories and there are numerous opportunities for injury. You are not to use equipment with which you are not familiar. A lab safety lesson is required to work in the lab. Failure to respect equipment and/or the facility will result in a loss of access and you will be assigned alternative bookwork. Everyone in the lab should be working. No one should be in the lab just visiting with a friend or “seeing what is going on”. Supplies (paper, film, etc.) are sold only once each period so anticipate your needs and do not run out. All papers or prints you do not want are to be put in the garbage. No enlarger is to be left on and unattended. If you do not clean up after yourself, you will lose privileges. Each lab day, a student will be selected to do lab duty. Failure to do your duty will result in your weekly grade suffering and possible loss of lab privileges.


Proper procedures outside of this facility - No student is allowed outside of the classroom without a hall or camera pass. No exceptions...not even next door. If you are allowed to leave, be sure to sign out. When outside taking pictures, your equipment will have a pass attached. If using your own camera, be sure to get a pass. Students are not to go anywhere except to their assigned destination. At NO time while in or out of the halls are you to disturb any other class, nor are you to go off campus or in any restricted areas. Students must be back in the class room and be able to turn in their equipment before the end of the period. Violations of these rules will result in loss of class shooting opportunities and/or disciplinary action.


Checkout of equipment - Some equipment (such as cameras) will be checked out for class use, and some equipment (such as tripods, filters, etc.) for home use. Generally, you will need your own camera for home use. However, the department has approx 15 cameras to check out on a first come, first served basis. Once these cameras are checked out, they will be out for the year and other arrangements will need to be made for anybody else needing a camera, such as working with one of the students who did get a camera or borrowing a relative’s or friend’s camera to complete the home assignments.  In all circumstances, all equipment checked out is that student’s responsibility. If you are on the hold list, even from last year, you will not be allowed to check out ANY equipment. The student is legally responsible for any equipment checked out to him/her. He/She is responsible for seeing that the equipment is in working order when it is checked out. Any loss or damage (other than normal wear), whether or not accidental, will be paid for by the student at the repair or replacement cost current at the time of the damage or loss. No other equipment will be issued to that student and the student will be placed on the school wide hold list until such costs are paid. All equipment is checked out for a specific amount of time. Failure to return equipment on time will result in a detention assignment, conduct grade reduction or a combination of these. A second failure to return equipment promptly may result in losing your check out privileges permanently! If you do not want to use school equipment during class, please plan to bring your own on class shooting days.


Proper Respect for People and Property - No explanation should be required. I take a great deal of pride in my room and spend a lot of time keeping this course up to date and the classroom neat and clean. Be careful with the equipment. Keep your areas clean and clear of debris. We deal with materials that are sensitive to dirt and dust. Please stay out of the muddy areas coming to this room. And please clean your feet off outside before entering the room.


Grading System - Because this is a design & project class, most of the assignments are graded fairly easily and are based mainly on completion and if you followed directions. Most in-class computer projects do not have specific due dates other than the end of the 6 weeks, however, we as a class will move on to new material/projects when MOST of the class has finished. It may be necessary for you to come in during make up lab time, generally offered on Thursdays, to get caught up. Most computer and darkroom projects require you to keep working until I am satisfied with your results. As a result, most grades for classroom work are 80 or better. Home assignments generally have specific due dates. Any late penalties are based on the due date, regardless of the length of the assignment or any absences.


    All tests should be completed in pencil. If you waste time looking for your pencil, you may have to finish your test after school. During the course of the year, specific opportunities for extra credit will be available, such as the fund raiser, as well as options to replace certain lessons -- take advantage of them and do not embarrass yourself by asking for other opportunities for points to help pass at the end of the grading period, since none will be given. It is the student's responsibility to keep up with all papers until the end of the course, so that if there is a discrepancy between what the student feels a grade should be and the grade posted the student will have the documentation.


Conduct Grades & Detention - You are expected to begin your work each day immediately and work on continually until the bell to dismiss class. There is no “play time” in this class. If you finish the current assignment, you are expected to work on other examples. Behavior Discipline Slips (BSDs) are used to visually document warnings to you regarding your behavior. 3 or more slips may result in detention and an “N” in conduct, even if a parent has not be contacted. Arguing with the teacher or other insubordination will result in teacher assigned detention. Detention will generally be assigned for that afternoon...or the time is doubled. Failure to comply will result in referral to the assistant principal. Any referral to the office for any reason will result in an automatic “U” in conduct. Other student actions may also affect conduct grades. Please see for more details regarding the BSDs.


Late Work - Work that is to be completed at home is considered late if it is not turned in on the due date and usually carries a 20 point Late Penalty. In addition, in order to accept the late work, you must submit a written, 10 item minimum, ToDo list.    See Attendance regarding late work and absences.


Test Make-up  - MOST tests (the 6 week quizzes) are take home test. They will be given out at the end of class and must be turned in when you walk into class the following day. If a person is absent on the day the test is handed out, they are expected to access the test on the class website to complete and have ready upon their return. Absence on a day immediately prior to a test on which no new material is covered for the test is not a reason to postpone the test. If you miss a test, you are expected to take the test as soon as possible; within a day or two of returning should be reasonable. Generally, you will need to make the test up outside of your normal class time, such as after school, or during another non-core class. Failure to do so will result in a zero being recorded for the test. Exceptions may be made for extended absences.


Progress Report Policy - Progress reports will be sent home to every student every six weeks. All progress reports will be returned the next day signed by the parent/guardian. It is important to note two things about the progress report: 1) The grade is a snapshot as of the 3rd Friday. If work is turned in AFTER the 3rd Friday, the grade on the progress report may not be updated until the end of the grading period. Failure to return a progress report on time may result in an unsatisfactory conduct grade and assignment to teacher detention each day beginning the appointed day of return until a parent calls. Supplemental progress reports are expected to be handled by the student in the same manner. This return policy applies to all communications requiring a parental signature, not just to progress reports.


Please keep this copy of procedures as a reference. Signatures on the Class Agreement Page indicate agreement of compliance with these rules. The most current version of this document can be found on the Internet as well:


Please email me if you have any questions.