School Photos

Directions to access the WB Photo Server...from any BISD computer:

NOTE: The link above may NOT work. In which case, you will need to:



USERNAME and PASSWORD: If you are asked for a "User name" and "Password", type: photo1 as the user name and password as the password

Photo 2+ - ask me for your login in and password.

Once you get to the main folder for Public, navigate to where you want to go, like "Pictures\Misc_Pictures\ etc. For example, if you are looking for picture OF students...go to that folder and find the event you are looking for.


The new WINDOWS 7 screen shot looks different.


Currently, all photos are stored on the Communication Graphics Photo Server. Additionally, if you have access to the school's network shared drive, some photos may also be located on the West Brook M drive. Please access the photos from any computer located on campus and find the directory: Photography - Comm Graphics, Loker (M:\Photography - Comm Graphics, Loker)

You are welcome to copy any of the pictures to your local computer or print to a lab like, etc. Any pictures on the server are subject to being removed without any notice, so grab them from the server as soon as you can. Also, my apologies in advance for there being so many. These folders are unculled and may contain lots of duds. It is easy to take the's a completely different to try to cull them down before putting them up like this. Enjoy!



Please email me if you have any questions.