Performance Self Evaluation


Objective: Evaluate and identify individual performance during the course of the week. Determine main concept learned for the week. Offer opportunity to provide feedback about lessons for the week.


A link to the following survey can be found below, to be completed at the conclusion of class on Friday, or with in 24 hours (Sunday afternoon at 5pm).


Performance Self Evaluation Form -   


Below is list of each area of this survey for your reference. The actual survey should be able to be completed on any internet device including a phone. Please complete as thoroughly as possible to determine a weekly daily grade. The idea is to asses how you well you are actively involved and performing in class. The goal is to get involved, do your best, help others, volunteer answers, and be an asset to class. If you do well, you will score well. If you sit there and do not participate, you can not honestly give yourself a good grade. Get involved!


To thy own self be true! This means that although you are grading yourself, do a good job with this. Try to grow from your honest self critique.

      Survey Results     vs.     Grade Earned


Remember, YOU are scoring YOURSELF...based on your performance, which includes ATTITUDE and EFFORT. If you failed to turn in work, or turned it late, you can't give yourself a 10 for PREPARATION. If the week ends and you STILL haven't turned the late work in, give yourself a MAX Of 5 for Preparation. If you turned in work late, make it a 7.

Below is a sample of the online form to complete.
Performance Self Evaluation 
Please complete this Performance Self Evaluation by Saturday of each week via Google Docs Forms.
The grade for this assignment is 100 points per week.
    Roll #:
    Period #:
    Name (Last, First):
    Please type with proper capitalization (Use SHIFT for first letter, etc. Note: "Caps lock" does NOT work in the classroom.)
Areas to Evaluate
Please rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 in each area (A - J). Try to answer honestly, and be thorough. However, a LOW score MAY result in a low daily grade. 
Each area is an insight to proper participation in class and should all the student to adjust performance each week to shoot for a 100. Everybody should be able to score themselves a 100.
 Low            1     2     3      4      5      6      7      8      9      10                 High   (see the actual survey at the link above to compete...this is only a list of the questions)
A. Work Ethic *
    Did you put forth your best effort every day this week? 
B. Attitude *
    Were you fast to react to verbal instructions? Were you enthusiastic about activities?
C. Participation *
    Did you answer questions willingly, before being called on?
D. Follow Directions? *
    Did you do what you were told the first time you were asked?
E. Peer Assistance *
    Were you a good steward of the classroom, helping others @ every chance possible?
F. Time Management *
    Did you stay on task and use the entire class efficiently?
G. Preparation *
    Were you prepared for each class, including specific homework, and general studying to be ready for the day?
H. Conduct *
    Were you an asset to class with minimal to no disruptions to others?
I. Attendance *
    Were you present every day? - Each day is worth 2 points. Ex. Missed one day (for ANY reason), give yourself an 8, etc. Unfortunately, you can NOT get a 100 for this if you are not here. However, you can earn bonus points for making up your missed time.
J. Overall Excellence *
    Were you an asset to the class? Did you do MORE than the teacher asked?
    Is there anything you would like to comment on for the week?