Acceptable Use Policy & Sample Places to Visit on the Internet

 The Internet is indeed an infinite expanse, with many great places to visit. However, access to this resource is limited by classroom, school, and district bandwidth as well as District AUP which dictates specifically that the account is to be used only for identified educational purposes. The District AUP also states that "wasting school resources through the improper use of the computer system is grounds for disciplinary  and/or legal action". Please follow the general guidelines below when accessing the Internet at school.



Please note that the West Brook Photography Dept does not have any editorial control over these sites and provide the links only as a convenience to its visitors.  If you feel a website should be added or removed from this list, please contact us.


When the Internet is blocked by SynchronEyes, there are only a few sites you can go:,,,, staff/gloker,,


When the Internet is UNblocked, please limit your browsing to the following sites.


Web Address                                                        Location/Description

Class related:                                                                       Good for a variety of items.,          Photo galleries                                                                     Look for the link to “Legends Behind the Lens”                                                                    Articles and samples                                           Article on types of portrait lighting   Good sight about composition                                    Excellent source of outstanding imagery from all over            MSNBC 2003 Year In Review -  outstanding photography                                     MSNBC 2005 Year In Review -  outstanding photography                                      MSNBC Olympics in Review - outstanding photography                   OUTSTANDING imagery (staff/gloker from school comp)    Our class page (Comm Graphics)                                                    art site, examples of one person’s use of Photoshop

Treatment of motion                                                                   DPReivew Forum posting on Motion, stopping and blurring

Hallmark Institute of Photography                                               A leading photography school located in Massachusetts                                                         Free software that is compatible with MS Office - how to mount with just foam core. Kind of messing...and definitely not for the classroom. But, if you have to get something mounted at home, this may help. Also look for other related videos. (NOTE: This video has been download for use in class. DO NOT STREAM in the classroom. Watch at home...or ask for the video to see in class.)


Student:                                                                    A whole site just for students.                                                                 School News Broadcast                                                                    TAKS stuff                                         Learning Resources for Teens                                                  Learning Resources for Teens

Gaggle                                                                                       Student approved web-based email                                  Our school page (West Brook)                           West Brook HS Daily Announcements

Career Planning                                                                          Career Planning at Use staff page for the access numbers you will need.                                                             Commercial Website of Randall Paine taking pictures of West Brook related activities.



Reference:                                                          Site for learning how all kinds of things work                                                            Look up words                                                            Translation service                                                         Login: Beaumont      pswd:  useweb              Helps to organize Ideas and Brainstorm


News, Local, etc.:,                                       CH 6 and 4, Local News                                                       Beaumont Enterprise                                                                        general news


Photo and Art Galleries of Particular Interest:                                             main on random                        lots of people shots, good color                                    good example of photoshop transformations and retouching                          colorful sunsets, nature, and portraits                                     Good mixture. Look at the Hands and abstract galleries in particular.                           So so ???                              cemetery (but not sure where)                          Good mixture. Interesting collection of Bench warmers.          very nice black and white galleries                                OUTSTANDING black and white, portraits                                             excellent black and white architecture                                  VERY colorful abstracts, cool feather shot                                       /waterdrop  AMAZING!                                          /newmexico       very vivid color                                      cool motion                                                          still life                        very shallow D of F                                   closeup w/side lighting.                                 colorful closeups                           B&W, cityscapes                                waterfall                   Images from Life Magazine (access from home)                   Pretty cool web page, pretty good images    Neat design ideas


Interesting artists on (access from home)                


Other of interest: -  ~larry/latour/courses/110/final_Reviewhtml - Brooks Institute of Photography - Wildlife Photographer - botanical gardens - Award Winning Texas Photographer - History of Wireless by Samsung - 360x180 Photography - Virtual Photo of 2008 Olympic - discussion of clients and Logos

Ike: pretty thorough photo coverage:


Photo Slide Shows and Videos online:

Slide Show at NBC...similar to the one we watch in class. - Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep News Special Report


How To and Tips:

Pictures showing motion

Explanation of difference between a $300 lens and a $2,000 lens -

Explanation of why shoot in aperture mode -

Painting with light -

Powerpoint2000 Tutorial

Infrared (IR) basics for digital photographers—capturing the unseen

Shooting Infrared with Digital Cameras -

Better Portraits with your Point and Shoot -

How to Capture Thanksgiving with your Camera -

Exposure compensation -

78 Photography Rules for Complete Idiots -

Stitching photos together -

Camera Tutor - - seems to be broken

Lamar University Press - - This is a great place to apply for a job after completing this class if you attend Lamar. P.O. Box 10055, 200 Setzer Center, 77710, 409-880-8102,


Adorama Teaching Series - 100 Tips in 100 Days      -   Part 1  -  Part 2  -  Part 3





Friday Focus Fun (another version of FFF): Red Square Escape...Get the highest score for the class by the time the buzzer goes a Bonus Coupon. My high score was a 18.328...then I quit.