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THIS PAGE IS STILL CURRENTLY UNDER HEAVY REVISION AS OF 3/23/16...please check back as details are continuing to be added to the new trips. - The 2015-16 Spring Field Trips will be held either during each class or outside of school time so as to limit the amount of time students our of other classes. Recent regulations, stipulations, rules, and challenges with pulling off a trip have dictated this change. Simply put, administration has made it almost impossible to do an extra curricular trip. But, I think I have come up with a plan that those who want to participate and learn more about photography will have the chance to do so.


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Several trips are offered during the course of the year. MOST are outside of school hours.


Painting with Light -  Klein Park - Early November, after the time changes so that it is dark earlier.

Christmas Lights - Alters Gem Jewelers

Phelan Railroad - This trip is being planned as a brief excursion off campus.

Hike and Bike - This trip is being planned

ATPI Winter Conference - This weekend trip is currently for 3rd or 4th year students.

Tyrrell Park - Sunset, shooting the waterfall, portraits in the park. Meet in front of the Greenhouse Garden Area.

Fair Lights - South Texas State Fair Night Time Meeting - Tuesday during Fair Week

Skating Motion Photos - Mannings Skating Rink

Neches River Sunrise - River Front Park and Tyrell Library - Sunset

Neches River Sunrise - Collier's Ferry  and Salt Water Barrier - Sunrise at various locations. This trip may be added at a later date.

End of Year Contest and Display - The show is typically the first weekend of May and runs Friday - Sunday. Students are needed for Friday setup and Sunday take down.





Tyrrell Park

Binks' Bldg.

- Meet at the 4:30 pm in front of the Warren Loose Conservatory. - We will then make our way through the park, shooting at different locations. Students are encouraged to bring a model to photography if they would like to practice outdoor portraiture. We will conclude with slow motion photos of the waterfall at 6:00 to 6:30.




Fair Lights


- Meet at the Main Gate just before 7:00pm for admittance into the Fair. We will immediately had to the back area with the Ferris wheel for the setting sun at about 7:30. We will take pictures before and after the sun sets, slowing down the shutter as the light drops. After some great shots, we will practice taking flash pictures with slow shutters...a VERY neat effect.



Skating Motion Photos

- Meet at Mannings Skating Rink


Neches River Sunrise

- Meet in the lower section of River Front Park for this special shot of a top icon in SETx. Time of this shot will be very important as the sun will rise at 7:14 on 4/9/16. Arrive early to get PRE-sunrise photos, but at about 7:20, the sun will be in its best position. At about 8:00, we will move to the Tyrrell Library and Julie Rogers Theater area.





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