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SET State Fair. Deadline Oct 9th. Get your entry form from me...and start shooting now. This is optional for all 1st year students, Comm I. But if you have already been taking pictures before this class...and think you have something to enter, I highly recommend both of these for their low entry few with nice cash prizes. You will need your pictures enlarged to 8x10 and they will need to be mounted. We will have an after school meeting on Thursday, Oct 5th to mount your pictures on display boards.


Reflections Creative Arts Contest -

Do you have a creative streak?

Do you enjoy painting, drawing, music, writing, photography, dance, or making movies?

The West Brook PTA is sponsoring REFLECTIONS A Creative Arts Contest.

The theme this year is-  My Favorite Place

Enter your original: Art, Music, Literature, Photography, Dance or Video.

Prizes will be awarded for the winners in each category and the winners will have the opportunity to advance to council, area, state, or national levels.

All Rules and Entry Forms are available in the office.

Deadline for your entry is Thursday, October 19th

ATPI Fall Contest. Deadline, Oct. 23. Details:


ATPI Winter Conference - February 16-18 in Austin. Mark your calendars NOW. 15 students will be selected...but only 12 students will qualify to go. The other 4 will be alternates. Be studying this to help your qualify. Participation in the ATPI Fall Contest is expected to qualify for this.




The West Brook Career Technology Photography department also received
several ribbons at the South Texas State Fair. Out of only one category, WB
received  4 winning entries, including:

Janell Regaldo, 2nd for "Floored" and HM for "Shallow Abys"
Evan Richard, HM for "Tranquility"
Jack Neil, HM for "Rocking Chair"

All of the State Fair entries, as well as many from the Rice Festival, will
be on display at the Exhibit Hall through Oct 22nd.


Press Release:

The Photography Dept also competed at the Texas Rice Festival.

Congrats to the following photographers for their winning entries. As a
group, the WB Photography Department brought home ribbons in 8 of the 20
possible winning entries. 16 students from West Brook entered the
competition with over 60 entries and competed against advanced adults and
other students from all over the SETexas area.

The winners and the category of their entries include:

Evan Richard, 1st, Open Category, "A sunset of Biblical Proportions"
Hector Zapata, HM, Open Category, "Window to Heaven"

Evan Richard, HM, Family Living, "Like Ducks in a Row"

Addie Diaz, 2nd, Wildlife, "And God Said it was Good"
Evan Richard, 3rd, Wildlife, "Tranquility"
Hector Zapata, HM, Wildlife, "After it Rains"

Michelle Bruno, 1st, Black and White, "Ant Feast"
Megan Shields, 2nd, Black and White "Rustic Cowboy"


I will post the pictures in the shared directory shortly.