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Fall Semester  - Online Photo Gallery Check 


Specific galleries that are required.


The BLUE galleries should be named EXACTLY the same as the one listed here

The GREEN will vary to degree that you will have YOUR date and YOUR topic listed.


  • Darkroom Projects     <--------- It is NOT necessary to put the #WB#...only use the tag for email.

  • Photoshop Class Projects [Posters, Paintings. And NotePads when it is done.]

  • Fill the Frame

  • Unusual Perspective

  • Favorites

  • Framing

  • Lines/Leading Lines

  • Repetition

  • Reflections

  • Abstract - generally, things you don't know what they are

  • 2016-11-24 Thanksgiving Day Family Portrait  PDP 3a   - make sure the name is correct for these galleries

  • 2016-11-26 Christmas Lights Special Effects  PDP 3b 


Selections for the Class Day photos should be online in each of their own galleries. You should have a minimum of 4 images per gallery. If you didn't shoot, or shoot enough, or lost your images, RESHOOT! If you turn in somebody else's work as yours...it will be considered cheating and you will receive a ZERO for the assignment, and they may receive a 50 for sharing! Turning in somebody else's images as yours is a very serious discipline issue and will be strictly monitored.



Spring Semester - Online Photo Gallery Check 


Specific galleries that are required.


The BLUE galleries should be named EXACTLY the same as the one listed here

The GREEN will vary to degree that you will have YOUR date and YOUR topic listed.


  • All of the above in blue, plus the following

  • Prints - the digital images that you have made pictures of (remember, an image may appear in more than one place).

  • Collages - You should have all three collages present (Hunt, Portrait, Views)

  • 2017 Portrait (Selected...of those that YOU shot...do not attempt to put all 1000 images from your class. Also, be sure to ask your partner if it is ok that you post the selected images.)

  • Photoshop Deviations/Tutorials [Montage and other Photoshop Practice Work]

  • Photoshop Class Projects [The above plus Greeting Card and Magazine Cover goes here (when it is done)]

  • 2017-01-08 Hunt Selected   - this is of all of the images from your shoot

  • 2017-02-17 Views (LOTS OF THE DIFFERENT VIEWS and ITEMS, NOT JUST THE COLLAGE) - cull it down to selected images...do NOT put everything you shot.

  • All of the above in green, plus things LIKE the following

  • 2017-02-14 Day with the Dog Action  PDP 4a

  • 2017-02-20 River Front Park Landscape    PDP 4b

  • 2017-03-05 Leaves Abstract   PDP 5a

  • 2017-03-18 Soccer Game vs Other Team's Name Sport PDP 5b

  • 2017-04-03 Motion -a couple of weeks from now you will make this one

  • Other

    • At least FIVE (5) minimum galleries in addition to the SPECIFIC CLASS SHOOTING galleries, collages and PDPs as listed above.

    • The exact gallery name and subject is up to you...but they are to be SELECTED images...not entire shoots. Nor, should they be an event...or at least not all from one event.

    • The OTHER galleries should be something you reasonably expect to shoot more of in your life or at least have many of already. Example, you have shot a bunch of clouds, you like clouds, and you expect that some time in the future you will probably shoot clouds again. Make an album called Clouds and upload pictures to it.

    • So, you should have 18+ galleries...unless you 1) haven't shot everything or 2) uploaded everything like you are supposed to, which is part of this check. NO DATES before the title of these galleries.

    • These SHOULD NOT BE AN EXACT duplicate of the PDP you shot on a specific day...it should in fact only have one or two from that shoot.

    • Images CAN appear in multiple galleries. For example, a picture you took for The Hunt, might also appear in "Reflections".

    • Samples of OTHERS...

  • Wildlife - include a couple of your dog you shot on 02-14, but the others should be other types of wildlife.

  • Friend(s) - selected images of friends shot at different times. Like, you might have a gallery of pictures of your best friend.

  • Red - favorite images of things you have shot that are red (or any color)

  • Landscape

  • Sports

  • Humor

  • Statues

  • Paths 

  • Colorful 

  • Self Portrait

  • Zoomed

  • Sunsets

  • Clouds

  • Lights

  • Black &  White (other than the Darkroom)

  • ETC! Anything that you are likely to shoot again.


Here is a Suggestion: The FIVE Fs for FANTASTIC themed galleries: Family, Friends, Functions, Fun and Food. (or perhaps... Formal, Fancy, Festival, Fitness, Fashion, Flags, setc.)


Sample of grader to be used to asses Web Portfolio:


Sample of correct student gallery at the middle of the 5th 6 weeks a few years ago. Exact albums vary each year. We now use PDP3a and 3b for Focus 3, etc.










- effective Fall 2015...NO BINDER CHECK  -  because of changes to the curriculum and switching to digital for various projects, there is no need to check your binder. Please continue to use your binder to collect your photo prints.


Binder Check starting the day after Film Shooting...spend a few minutes getting it ready this week. If you take your BINDER home...make sure it comes back for the check. If it is not ready on the official day...it is an automatic -20 late grade even if I don't get to checking it until later. There are only a couple of opportunities when I say, "Who is ready for their binder to be checked?". If you do not get it checked, you will end up with a zero!


General Guidelines

  • Binder (see supplies) must be for just this class and counts as a major grade during the 3rd 6 weeks.  Check will be JUST the Binder (effective 11/21/2014 - you do NOT need a Folder...put every thing you have done in the binder). Clean up your locker.

  • Below is the order.

  • Use dividers to separate as appropriate, but only if they stick out beyond the sheet protectors.

  • Put a picture on the outside of your binder. Maybe like your favorite photo from a magazine, etc. until we start getting pictures from the darkroom, etc.

  • REMOVE ANY STICKERS on the outside of your binder. They are more easily removed when your binder is new.

  • Spread all work out to multiple sheets protectors so that none of your work is back facing.

  • Make sure you find all graded items as you will lose points for missing items. If you never DID the work to get back, unfortunately, you will lose points. Sorry, this Double Jeopardy is UNAVOIDABLE.

  • Get the Binder correct the first time! If the binder is not correct, I will stop the check, sending you back to try again. The maximum grade will then be a 95. See below of a sample of the grader you will need to fill out when you are ready.

Order of items in Binder (items in sheet protector sleeves as much as possible) - Place in the following order*:

  • Outside the binder: Have some sort of art work (extra prints, a rough draft sketch, etc.), on the outside (front side initially, back side if you can)

        Front Pocket - Handouts

o       diagram labels  (pull from your Focus 1 & 2)

o       Assignment instructions

o       Photo tips

o       Notes

        Photograms * Note...you may place your prints in Reverse Chronological Order: Commercial Prints, Darkroom Prints, then Pinhole and Photograms if you want.

        Pinhole images.

        Pictures - B&W Darkroom, then commercial prints (spread out each picture into their own sleeve, fold the grader slips so the grading is hidden. If I see red...the binder check is dead...go back and read these directions again.)

        Contact sheets - Can be either matched with each photo session or at the back of the photos (i.e. Photo, contact sheet, photo, contact sheet) or put all of the contact sheets together, if possible, but in separate sleeves and forward facing. )

        Test Strips (optional)

        Magazine Selection Assignment(s) - hide the grader slip by turning it around

       Focuses (in a sleeve, F1 then F2, etc.)

        Back Pocket       

o       Rough drafts,

o       Graded Tests

o       Grader sheets

o       Reviews, etc.


      Computer Print Outs (Posters, Collages) - Now will be checked for in Picasa Web. Printing is optional (you...at home).

      Autobiography - Can go at the beginning as an intro to you, the artist - Now will be check for in Picasa Web. Printing is optional (you...at home).




OLDER General Grading Guidelines (now using Grader slip for better accuracy and continuity)

100    Binder and folder present, good appearance, everything in order and attractive (maybe with dividers between the sections...if you can find the right dividers).

95      Same as above, but not correct the first go around.

90      Binder and folder present, could use some rearrangement, and/or missing a couple of items, etc.

80 - 85      Binder/folder in present, needs rearrangement and/or missing several items. or - Present and in Good order, but poor appearance (i.e. dirty sheet protectors, wrong binder or in need of replacement).

70      Binder in good order, folder missing (or wrong binder)

25      Folder present, binder missing

-20     Late penalty - binder & folder not ready on designated checks

- 5      If not right on the first try.